Restore Lost Videos from your Kodak PlaySport Black Pocket Camcorder

Your new Kodak PlaySport Black Pocket Camcorder bundles your treasured possessions i.e. your memorable photos. If you are an adventure freak, it indeed can be your best partner when you are seeking adventurous pleasures in trekking, mountaineering, river rafting or a beach. With your PlaySport, you capture videos to turn your moments into a prized possession. The advanced features of your camera must have helped you enrich the photos with sharp features and your videos with voice and music. What if once after an adventurous trip, the videos taken out of your Kodak PlaySport are no more visible in your camcorder? This means due to some reason your .jpeg and .mp3 files have become inaccessible. The pain of not being able to see your recent recordings will drive sleep away. With recovery software around, you really have no reason to lose your sleep. Recovery software has been built to restore lost or deleted data.

Adventure sports lovers find Kodak PlaySport Black Pocket Camcorder very handy and useful. It makes video recordings possible even while moving at good speed because it has built-in image stabilization. You can record your videos with full 1080p HD. It has a tough design and is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. This enables you to capture videos in almost all environmental conditions. You can capture videos under up to 10 feet water. It has in-built software to help you edit your videos. You can trim your videos; make it more attractive and informative by adding your voice, music and stills. Few losses can match the pain of losing files created with such care and attention.

To recover lost videos and pictures from your camcorder, use Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Media Edition software. Download and install the software onto your PC. Connect your camera to a computer and run the recovery software. Follow a few simple steps to recover your MOV and JPEG files. The software scans the memory card of your camera to locate the lost files. Once retrieved, you need to provide a location to store your files.

Why Choose Remo?