Recover Lost Videos from Sony MS-A4GN Memory Stick Micro

Sony MS-A4GN Memory Stick Micro is well known for its transfer speed and quality. You bought it to store all your media files in it.  Addicted that you are to games and music, you must have stored your favorite media files in your memory stick micro. One advantage of having pictures and songs stored in memory cards, is that you can view them in whatever device you want. Snap your memory card into a card reader and connect it to the device you want. Another advantage with memory cards is that you can take multiple backups. Connect it to your PC and transfer all your important photos. Imagine transferring files to a computer infected with virus. Your card gets infected too, and you end up losing all your precious photos. No feeling can be more nightmarish, than losing your most wanted and valuable files. Your snaps are more important than your card and you would want to get them back at any cost. You can recover your lost files for sure using recovery software.

Sony MS-A4GN Memory Stick Micro comes with a storage capacity of 4GB.. You had stored a lot of recorded videos in your. Along with that many songs, images and games are preserved in your memory card. You preferred this card to any other card because of its speed, size and quality assurance. Memory stick Micro works 1.8 V as well as 3.3 V of operating voltage of mobiles. You can restore your high quality video files which you have lost. It is still there in the drive but you have lost access to it.

Use Remo Recover (Windows) Media Edition to recover gets the access to your lost video and other media files. Download the recovery software. Install it in your PC. Connect your memory card to the PC. After this basic set up run the recovery software. Select Recover Photos. This option helps you to recover your media files. Then click on Recover Lost Photos (Photo / Video / Audio). This enables you recover your lost media files. Now select your external storage device and click next. The software starts scanning your storage device. You can specify the file types to search for quicker search. Select video file as you want your lost video files. The scan process begins once you click next. After scan you can preview your files and recover the files which you need. Browse the location where you want to store the recovered files. And your files are right there on just a click on next button.

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