Recover Mac files from USB drive

  • Recover files from corrupted or formatted USB drive on Mac
  • Restore Mac files of various file extensions
  • Ability to preview recovered files and evaluate recovery result
  • Supports Mac file recovery of HFS+, HFSX, FAT32 & FAT16 file system

Recover Mac files from USB drive that is corrupted

USB drives are excessively used for data transfer between computers. As it is portable and stores large amount of data, this makes it the preferred device for carrying data and is an ideal replacement for old floppies. This very advantage of the USB flash drive is one of its drawbacks. Due to its frequent usage for data transfer, it has very high chances of getting corrupted very easily when shared on various computers or due to improper ejection. There could also be various other reasons for the USB drive getting corrupted which results in the inaccessibility of files present on the USB drive.

One of the major reason for the corruption of USB drive is improper unplugging from the Mac machine during file transfer, without using the eject option. There are also times when a harmful file could result in corruption of the USB drive. In this case, the infected file affects the other files present on the USB drive causing corruption to it.

Remo Recover Mac makes it is possible to access and recover Mac files from USB drive that are corrupted or formatted with the help of advanced methodology.

Remo Recover (Mac) Pro Edition Software lets you easily recover files from a formatted or corrupted USB drive on your Mac OS X. The software has been designed to effectively scan each and every sector of the USB drive for recovering lost files of various file types.

Process: How to recover Mac files from USB drive?

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