HFS+ Volume Recovery on Mac

I have created two new HFS+ Volumes in my Mac machine by using disk management tool and stored very important data stuff into those Volumes. After few days, one of these Volumes became inaccessible and I tried in all possible ways to open it but I could not. Can anyone suggest me how to retrieve data stored in that Volume?

Do not worry! You are landed at right place. In this article, you will get to know how to get back your lost Volume data in an efficient way. Whenever your HFS+ Volume becomes inaccessible or gets disappeared from your Mac Machine, there is no need to worry about the data stored on that Volume!! This is because data will always be stored in a safe and secure mode but the Volume information will be removed from table. However, you will not be able to recover those lost data directly, but can be done with the aid of proficient data recovery software called Remo Recover (Mac) application. This utility can efficiently regain any data stuff including audio, video, documents, pictures and many more. In addition, it is capable of rescuing more than 300 files types from inaccessible or corrupt Volumes of your Mac machines with ease and it is provided with effective user interface that helps a novice user to perform recovery process without any problems.

Let us see few scenarios that leads to loss of Volume from Mac machines 

In Mac machines, most users prefer dynamic tool like disk utility to create, delete and resize existing Volumes. In addition, it is one of the easiest ways to perform any actions on Volumes. Suppose you are wishing to create new Volume in your PC by deleting existing unwanted Volume, then you may prefer disk utility tool. But while performing this if you accidentally delete your much needed Volume then it results in loss of huge data stored on it.

As we know that virus threats are very less in Mac machines compared to other OS. Nevertheless, still there are chances of entering virus and malwares threats into your Machines. Some of such instances include storing virus infected data on your Mac without scanning it with the updated antivirus tool, browsing internet by unchecking “Block reported attack sites” and “Block reported web forgeries” options in browser or connecting the virus infected Apple iOS devices to your Mac's USB slot. Once these virus and malwares enters your system it easily spreads and infects all your files and folders stored on hard drive and even corrupts the file system in your Mac machine. While such severe virus infection could make your Mac machine-booting files to go unrecognized or inaccessible, which in turn results in BSOD. In addition, there are chances of Volume getting hidden if these virus attacks corrupts Volume information.

Are you facing similar scenarios and lost your HFS+ Volumes in Mac machines and looking for a resolution to overcome this problem? If yes then use efficient software like Remo Recover (Mac) that could proficiently recover Mac HFS+ Volume data as they were before. You can also employ this tool to regain Volume data even when you intentionally formatted or reformatted HFS+ Volumes.

How to use Remo Recover (Mac) application

  • Initially download and install Remo Recover (Mac) application on your Mac machine successfully. After launching, main screen appears with three major options. In that, select "Recover Drives" option and move on to next step
  • Select Volume Recovery option
  • Now select appropriate Volume and click on Next button to start scanning and as well as recovery process
  • Once you complete with recovery process, this tool provides option to view the recovered files in File type View and Data View formats
  • Finally, save recovered the files and folders to any healthy storage devices

Important Note: If you are looking for a solution to recover lost files from MacBook Pro then just go through the page in the given link.

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