Recover lost media files from WD My Passport Studio for Mac

You must be very attached to your media files. Your media files must be closer to your heart than any other files. Unlike other files, media files help you relax perfectly. At any point of time, you would love to fall back on your media files and enjoy life. Given that the count of mp3, jpeg and mp4 files keep increasing as days pass by, it's better to have a backup of your media files in a high capacity storage device like WD My Passport Studio for Mac, if you happen to be a Mac user. You can transfer your media files from your iPod, mobile, camera or personal computer onto this device. As long as the transfer isn't complete, you cannot be sure about having it safely stored. If while transferring there is a power surge you may end up losing all your files. In that case you will have to recover the lost files using data recovery applications. These are third party tools which can recover all your lost or deleted data for you.

The WD My Passport Studio is designed for Mac users. It supports USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 connectivity as Mac supports only this connectivity. It has a sleek and scratch resistant design which complements its performance. The drive can store approximately 500,000 songs, 400,000 photos, or video of 240 hours. WD My Passport Studio for Mac has a storage capacity of 2 TB enough for a lifetime of storage. Another interesting feature is that it comes equipped with software for encryption and password protection. This makes your more data secured.

You can recover your precious .mov, .jpeg, .mp3, etc media files lost from your external hard drive with the help of Remo Recover (Mac) Media Edition. The tool will easily recover pictures on Mac computers in simple steps. First you need to just download the software and install it on your Mac. Connect your external drive to Mac and run the recovery software. Select Recover Photos followed by Recover Lost Photos. Select the external drive for scan. After the rigorous scan, the lost media files which you need are located. You can select the files to recover the same in a new location. If you need to recover documents, go to the basic edition and perform a similar scan for doc files.


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