Recover missing iPod music files

Missing iPod music recovery

Your iPod songs are missing! May be you lost them due to corruption or you accidentally auto synced on a different computer? Desperate to get them all back from your iPods? Do not worry; you can recover your entire missing audio files from your iPods. IPods are the wonderful and most popular device developed especially for the music lovers. Since, it provides the convenience to listen to the songs anywhere and everywhere you go. You might have dedicated many weeks or months in finding and customizing your favorite music collection. But a small mistake will lead to loss of all your efforts.

One fine day, when you open up your iPod to listen to some music on the way to work, you may find that all your songs are just gone. There are a couple reasons why your music may have disappeared. Perhaps you might have attempted to sync the iPod with a different computer, or maybe there was an error with the system and the MP3 player reset itself. You might have formatted your iPod, without taking the backup or your iPod is corrupt due to virus infection or some human errors. However, there is nothing to worry, this loss is just temporary. You can easily recover your entire music files from your iPods. You can achieve this with the help of a music recovery software called Remo Recover (Windows / Mac), which can recover missing iPod music with just a few clicks!

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Always take backups before syncing or formatting the iPods
  • Check the iPod’s compatibility with the system, before syncing it
  • As soon as you lose your songs, stop using the iPod. Do not store any new songs or videos on that iPod.

How can Remo Recover help you?

With Remo Recover (Windows /Mac); you can reclaim your entire files that were deleted or had gone missing from your iPods. It can be your music files, videos or even pictures. Remo Recover can be used to restore the music files that were lost by any reason, whether formatting, deleting or corrupt storage media. Also, you can also use this tool to recover various media files including MP3, MP4, AVI, WAV, and MOV etc.; from iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle along with other versions of iPods. It is also compatible with both Mac and Windows OS, along with their various versions. If the files were lost due to factory reset or formatting, this utility scans the entire iPod memory repeatedly and restores the complete lost files. Remo Photo Recovery software is a versatile tool that can be used on other storage devices like hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, and other USB flash drives.

Distinct features of Remo Recover?

Remo Recover is known for its reliability and efficiency. It mainly focuses on user satisfaction, for which it has designed user and device friendly GUI; it’s GUI has been updated to support even the touch-enabled devices, in turn; it is compatible with Windows 8 OS. In addition, along with these you can even identify the different file types even after recovery, with the help of the unique signature of the files. You can even sort the recovered files based on the name, creation date, and type of the files. Also, it allows you to preview your recovered music files even before actually restoring them using “Preview” option, using a free trial version.

Procedure to recover your iPod music

First, connect your iPod to your system and just follow the below listed steps to reclaim your missing iPod songs.

Step 1: Download Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) from the official website and install it

Step 2: Launch the tool by double clicking on the shortcut icon to get a main screen as Figure 1

Step 3: From that screen choose “Recover Photos” option as in Figure 2 and from the consecutive screen select “Recover Lost Photos” as in Figure 3

Step 4: Then choose the drive from where recovery has to be done and click “Next” like Figure 4. Software starts scanning the drive.

Step 5: Once it is done, select the file type to recover using “Select File Type” option (view Figure 5) then view the recovered files list as shown in Figure 6

Step 6: view each files to judge their chances of saving by using “Preview” option as in Figure 7.

Step 7: If you are using the trial version, then save the scanned session using “Save Recovery Session” option (Figure 8) and if you are satisfied purchase the tool

Step 8:  now restore the scanned session using “Open Recovery Session” option as it is in Figure 9 and then, save only the required files at any location of your choice check out Figure 10

Points to be remembered:

  • Once you lose your data, stop using the device
  • Do not save the recovered files on the same drive or device from where you recovered
  • Always make a habit of taking the data backup before formatting or doing any operations on the device containing your vital data
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