Tool to Recover Audio Files from Formatted iPod

bI connected my iPod to my computer to which already some flash drives were connected. I wanted to format the flash drive but I unknowingly formatted the iPod. I am in very miserable situation after losing my important music files from it, and some music files were purchased online. So can any tell me how to recover the formatted music files from my iPod? Please help!b

This is one of the most frequent situation which is encountered by many users. But you can still keep a ray of hope as the formatted music files will still be residing in the iPod, as you just need an appropriate recovery tool which can recover your formatted music files. Nowadays, iPods have become most preferred gadget to listen music due to its compactness and portability. iPods are available in two types, first type of iPods only have inbuilt memory and does not allow extension of memory by using external storage devices like memory card and the second type of iPod totally rely on memory card to store its contents. However format of iPod will result in loss of entire data within memory card or internal storage of iPod.

Common scenarios of iPod format

As file sharing is common in iPods, it may sometimes result in reception of harmful virus in the process of file sharing which can affect the functionality of iPod. Subsequently the virus may corrupt the memory card, so agitated by this and to get rid of virus you may have to format the iPod resulting in loss of entire data within iPod. Moreover, when you connect the iPod to a computer you may encounter an error message to format the drive until which you may not be allowed to access the data included in it. And, if you continue with the format option which is prompted then it can lead to loss of whole data in iPod. However, you are at the right place which will provide you with the perfect solution to recover the music files from formatted iPod utilizing a powerful tool called Remo Photo Recovery software.

Features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

  • Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is developed by utilizing standard algorithm which can help you in recovering the formatted music files from iPod very quickly
  • It is recommended by many professional experts as it is capable of recovering music files like AIF, AIFC, RA, AMR, M4A, AIFF, MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI, and many more
  • If your iPod supports video then with the help of this reliable utility you can even retrieve deleted video from iPod if it has lost due to deletion
  • This well-known program provides you with excellent interface which is easily understood
  • Some distinct options such as bSave Recovery Sessionb, bPreviewb and bOpen Recovery Sessionb are very useful and beneficial to you that speedify the recovery process and ensure complete recovery
  • Any inconvenience while utilizing the software can be sorted out by taking help from our technical experts who are available 24 / 7 hours

Tutorial to Restore Music Files from iPod after Format:

  • Install demo version of this software on your computer by downloading it
  • Connect the iPod to computer where the installation is done
  • Launch the application and at the main screen select bRecover Photosb option
  • In the next slide select bRecover Lost Photosb option
  • Select the iPod from which you want to recover the music files
  • Scanning process will be initialized, wait until it gets finished
  • After scanning is completed the recovered data can be previewed by using bPreviewb option
  • Using bSave Recovery Sessionb option you can save the recovery information
  • After purchasing the program activate it and launch the program
  • Use bOpen Recovery Sessionb option in order to save your valuable time in performing the recovery again
  • At last save the recovered music files in some safer location

Additional Info: If you want to know how to extract audio files from iPod on Mac then click on the link provided.

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