Recover Music from Dead iPod

iPods were fantastic gadgets that many of us had the opportunity to use in the past. If you currently possess one, it's a rare piece. If it's unresponsive and not functioning despite your attempts, and if you wish to retrieve music files from it, Remo Recover is the tool that will swiftly and effortlessly bring them back.

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Written by Molly Owen / Updated on August 04, 2023

What’s a Dead iPod?

By dead iPod what we mean is that the iPod player no longer works. This can happen for different reasons like broken parts, battery issues, software problems, or physical harm. When an iPod is dead, it can't be turned on or used to play music, videos, or anything else.

I know most of the people might have experienced such instances. If the music were so really meant to you, then you would really try to find a solution to get them back. You might even think of downloading them again. However, that doesn’t work with everyone and for all songs.

Some songs might be found very rarely and searching for them becomes very difficult. In some cases, you might not afford to buy all those songs from Apple stores. If you are in such instances, then do you know any ways to get your lost music files back? No right? Don’t worry; here I have a solution for you that can perform iPod data recovery so you can easily resolve the issue.

How to Recover Music from Dead Ipod?

Recovering music files from Dead iPod is a very simple and easy task when you have efficient data recovery software like Remo Recover that can perform recover almost all the music files that were present on the iPod earlier.

Remo Recover software can go deep into the iPod memory and performs rigorous scans of the entire iPod memory to even retrieve deleted iPod files from a corrupted iPod.

This is because, even if your iPod is corrupted, or dead the data will still be present on your iPod and thus, this program can rescue your music files from it within a few minutes. The software is intuitive and easy to use even if you are a first-time user.

Steps to Dead IPod Music Recovery Using Remo Recover

Remo Recover can recover up to 500+ file types from major data loss cases with simple clicks.

Step 1: Download and Install Remo Recover on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the tool and Select the Dead iPod from which you’d like to recover music.

select the dead ipod

Step 3: You can choose Advanced Scan and proceed.

select advanced scan for dead for recovery

Step 4: Select the music file types you’d like to recover so that the software looks only for those files which can save you a lot of time and click on Next to begin the recovery process.

select the music file tryes to recover from dead ipod

Step 5: After Scanning the recovered files are displayed in both Data View and File Type View.

recovered music files are presented

Step 6: You can preview the recovered music files from the dead iPod and save them in your preferred location.

preview the music files and recover them

Caution🛑: Save the recovered songs from the dead iPod in a different location from the previous one to avoid losing them again.

NOTE: Refer to the attached article for recovering music from iPod shuffle.

Secondary Methods To Recover Music From A Dead iPod

iTunes or iCloud Backups: If you had previously backed up your iPod to iTunes or iCloud, there's a chance that your music files are included in those backups.

Time Machine Backups: If you have been regularly backing up your entire Mac using Time Machine, and your iPod was synced with that Mac, there's a possibility that your music files are included in the Time Machine backups.


Recovering music files from a dead iPod does present challenges; however, there is a chance of retrieving those files through alternative methods but we highly recommend using a capable data recovery tool like Remo Recover to revive the music files from the dead iPod.

It is absolutely free to download on both Windows and Mac so that you can get back those classics.

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