Partition Recovery after Fdisk

Updated on March 12, 2022

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User Query: I am running a Debian Squeeze in my laptop. I did a big mistake. Instead of doing fdisk /dev/sdb (which is my usb pendrive), I fdisk-ed the /dev/sda, which is my primary hdd. When prompted, I chose options o and w and the reboot my machine. Now, I cannot start my machine as it says no OS found. Is it that, all my data is lost or only the partition table? How do we recover the data from hard drive after fdisk?

Fdisk is a command prompt utility, used for manipulation of a hard drive. It was introduced for the first time in the year 1983 by IBM, for MS-DOS compatible computers. Fdisk utility can resize, format and activate the partition. Later it was replaced with the DISKPART, introduced in the Windows 2000 operating system.

NOTE: If you have accidentally deleted any partition while using fdisk. Stop using the drive further, so you can prevent the files from getting overwritten.

Two ways to recover a partition after Fdisk

  • Recover using System restore point.
  • Recover using recovery software.

Recovering Fdisk partition using System restore point

The System Restore Point is a Microsoft inbuilt tool used to turn back any changes made to the computer. This includes installed application, changes in system settings & Windows registry settings.

  • Go to start and search for the system restore point and, launch it
  • On system protection window click on system restore
  • Select recommended restore
  • Now you can find the available restore points, select the required restore point click Next
  • Confirm the restore point by clicking Finish
  • Click Yes on the notice window showing ‘Once started, System Restore cannot be interrupted

System restore point might be a Microsoft inbuilt tool but, it has some limitations like:

  • This tool can’t be used if the operating system is crashed
  • By default the restore point will be off, you need to turn it on in order to use it.
  • While reverting the changes you might lose files that are created after the restore point.

Hence, for resolving such issues, you need help of a trusted data recovery software

NOTE: Never download or install the data recovery software on to the damaged partition. Doing so will cause existing data overwritten with new and you may never recover the data.

How to recover fdisk partition using partition recovery software:

Download and install Remo Recover software on your computer.

  • Download and install the Remo Recover and start the recovery process
  • Choose the Partition / Drive from which you lost data due to Fdisk and click on the Scan button
  • Note – If you are unable to find the partition after FDisk from which you incurred data loss from, click on the Can’t Find Drive option and select the respective drive
  • Click On Corrupt Drive to Scan
  • The tool will initiate Quick Scan, once scan is complete the tool will run into Deep Scan. (Where you will be provided with Dynamic Recovery View) where you can simultaneously data by use the Advanced Filter option
  • Now select the folder or files that you want to recover from the partition from which lost data from and click on Recover.
  • Preview the recovered files and partition from the Scan
  • Preview Recovered Data
  • Choose the needed file, click on Save the recovery
Fdisk partition disadvantages:

If you have gone through the previous section, it is clear that using the Fdisk utility is not user-friendly.

  • Using a wrong command could wipe the entire drive.
  • Once a partition is deleted, you can’t access the drive without formatting and activating the partition.
  • If the command prompt crashes while processing, it will crash the entire partition table.
  • There is no Fdisk option to recover formatted or erased data.

It is possible to recover the files from the fdisk formatted partition but, you need a reliable fdisk recovery software

Precautions for using fdisk partition:
  • Before launching fdisk utility, back up all the contents of the drive into another
  • Double check all the commands before hitting enter.
  • Make sure you are selecting the right drive before formatting.
  • If the data is lost, stop using the device immediately

Fdisk utility can make partitions of your hard drive, format and, activate the partition. It has many drawbacks and the process is too clumsy. A simple mistake will result in crashing of the entire hard disk. In such situations, a reliable partition recovery software is the best possible option to recover all the lost files.

NOTE: After recovery do not save the recovered data on the same drive from where you recovered the data

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