Regain USB Flash Drive Partition

“Hi I have a flash drive on which I deleted the partition during windows XP setup. I have not formatted the drive, as I believe that the data is still on the drive. Is there any way of getting the data back or restoring the partition, I really need to get the data back as it contains all my project data in it. Thank you.”

If you are stuck with the same or similar situation, then there is nothing much to worry. Your data is still present on your flash drive you can easily get back your entire data in just few minutes. Remo Recover software is the perfect tool that can recover partition from flash drive effortlessly and extracts your data from it.

Factors leading to data loss

Accidental Partition Deletion:Sometimes while deleting the partition of your system using the Disk Management Utilities there are chances of deleting the partition of the flash drive accidentally that is connected to your system.   

Virus infection: There are instances, wherein your flash drive might get infected by virus. If these viruses are not scanned and removed in-time, viruses would multiply and the infection would spread to the entire flash drive partition. This makes your flash drive partition inaccessible, thus leading to loss of data.

Partition Loss: For any reason if the partition table of the flash drive has become corrupt or is damaged, then there are chances of losing your entire partition.

Resizing or re-partitioning: In cases of resizing the existing partition or repartitioning the flash drive, if the process is interrupted or is done incompletely then your entire thumb drive partition would become corrupt thus making your data inaccessible.

In all these above mentioned reasons, you will lose your vital data. Luckily, you have Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software that can easily restore your partition and successfully extracts the data from it in just few minutes.

Get more info about Remo Recover software

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is an excellent tool that assists you to retrieve your flash drive partition successfully and restores the data from it. The tool is compatible to recover data from your ExFAT, FAT 16, FAT 32 and other supported Flash drive files systems. Also even if your USB drive partition is deleted, lost or corrupt due to any unknown reasons, the tool can easily restore your entire data from it successfully. The utility is designed with its advanced scanning algorithms; that can scan your drive completely and locate the partitions that might have been lost, deleted or has become inaccessible. It then abstracts your entire data from it securely without any corruption.

Make Sure…
You stop using the device or the partition, as soon as you lose your data. Also, after recovering the data, do not store the recovered files on the same drive or partition from where you recovered

What else can Remo Recover do?

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) has an excellent GUI with many options that are user friendly and assist you in smooth recovery of your data from the flash drive partitions. Its features include:

  • Metro-styled GUI to facilitate the recovery even on the touch-enabled devices
  • Helps you in recovering only a particular type of file from the drive by performing the RAW signature Search
  • Easily recover lost FAT partition, NTFS partition, HFS & HFS+ partitions
  • Capable of identifying the files by their extensions even after recovery by using the file’s unique signatures
  • Using this utility one can even sort the recovered files based on their file name, size, date of creation, extensions etc.
  • Offers free trial version to evaluate the software ability

Supported Flash drive brands: Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, HP, Sony, Lexar, Verbatim, Edge DiskGO, Imation, Corsair and many others

Compatible Operating system: All versions of Windows and Mac OS including Windows 8 and Mac Mountain Lion

If you are looking to regain data from partition having bad sectors then just hit the given link.

Simple steps to perform this recovery:

  1. Download and install the Remo Recover software on your Mac or Windows systems
  2. Launch the tool and click on the “Recover Partitions” from the main screen as in Partition Recovery 1
  3. Then hit the drive representing the flash drive and press on “Next” tab to initiate the scanning proces
  4. Software starts scanning the drive, after you can view all your recovered data from your flash drive partitions Partition Recovery 2
  5. Preview the recovered files like in and judge their chances of recovery
  6. If you are using the Trial version, save the scanned session by using the “Save Recovery Session” option else skip the step
  7. Now, save the selected files at any location of your choice as shown in Partition Recovery 3

Why Choose Remo?