3 Most Trusted Methods to Recover PDF Files

Updated on June 02, 2020

Developed with easiest user interface, Remo is the most convinient way to recover deleted, lost or missing PDF files. integrated with most effecient scan algorithms Remo can perform raw signature search and retrieve PDF files from most critical data loss scenarios..!

PDF or Portable Document Format has been standardised as globally accepted document format by breaking the boundaries. In recent advancements, Adobe allowed users to add digital signatures which made many organizations adapt PDF format to save confidential and critical information in PDF format. Considering the increase in significance of PDF files this article is published to assist the users recover lost or deleted PDF files.

Disclaimer: Once you encounter the data loss on any device, stop using the storage drive till you recover the PDF files. Using a storage drive might overwrite the recoverable data and result in permanently erasing the PDF file.

Following are 3 most followed methods to recover lost or deleted PDF file

1. Recover PDF files from the Recycle Bin

Applicability of this method is not just limited to recovering PDF files. Whenever you lose any data first check the Recycle Bin if you find them you no need to go through any more trouble.

Open the Recycle Bin or Trash folder in case of a Mac user. Check the PDF files in the Recycle Bin or Trash can.

Select the PDF files and restore them to the previous locations.

However, you can use this method only to recover normally deleted PDF files. Comparatively, there are numerous complex data loss scenarios for which Recycle Bin cannot help to recover PDF files.

For example, recovering shift deleted files or, lost .pdf files after storage drive corruption is impossible. In the case of an external storage drive a deleted PDF file will not be stored in the Recycle Bin. In such scenarios Recycle Bin is of no use to recover PDF files.

For complicated data loss scenarios, the smart way is to restore the PDF files is using file recovery software. A proficient File recovery software not only restores PDF files from any complicated data loss scenarios but also makes the PDF recovery process effortless.

2. Recover PDF file Using File Recovery Software

Integrated with most efficient search algorithms, Remo is one of the most referred PDF recovery software. Accompanied with the easiest user interface, Remo makes recovering PDF files easy. Most importantly you can recover the deleted PDF files in 3 simple clicks.

Here is how to recover PDF files using Remo Data Recovery Software.

Note: Don’t Install the Remo Data Recover Software on the same drive where the deleted PDF files used to exist.

If you are recovering the PDF files from an external drive, connect the drive to your computer and launch the software. Now follow the 3 simple steps for PDF recovery

  • Launch the Remo Data Recovery software and select Recover Files Option from the home screen.
  • From the listed drives select the storage drive or partition where the PDF files used to exist and click on Scan
  • Wait for the software to recover the PDF files. After recovering the files select the PDF files and click on save to complete recovering the deleted or lost PDF files.
  • You can use this method to recover the permanently deleted PDF files, PDF documents deleted from external drives or even to recover the files that are shift-deleted. Additionally, you can also use the tool to recover deleted or lost Office files such as MS Word, Excel and even PST files.

    In case, if you are facing any complicated data loss scenarios such as corrupted storage drive or formatted drive, you can make use of Remo’s Recover Partitions option. The Remo’s Recover Partition option is integrated with a deep scan option that is engineered to perform raw file signature scan.

    3.Recovering PDF files Using Temp Files

    As any software even Adobe PDF Acrobat reader creates temp files. If you are lucky enough, you can restore the PDF files from the temp files. Following is the default location of the PDF temp files.


    You can also find the adobe temp files in the Temp folder

    To open the temp folder tap “Windows + R”

    In the run utility type “temp” and tap enter

    You can find the temporary PDF files either in the final DC folder or Temp folder. You can restore them on to the desktop and try to open them using the Adobe acrobat reader.

    Unlike other Adobe products such as Photoshop temp files that are created specially to counter data loss, PDF temp files are not created with data recovery as priority. So, the perfect solution to recover the deleted PDF files is using Remo PDF recovery software.

    Considering the above factors Remo is the right way to recover PDF files even from most complicated data loss scenarios.

    Recover PDF Files from Any Data Loss Scenario

    • Using Remo users can even recover Office files such as MS Word, Excel spreadsheets and PST files.
    • Developed to detect over 300 file formats Remo can detect and recover remaining adobe related products such as InDesign documents, PSD files and PSB files
    • Tool is also works seamlessly with all the file systems such as NTFS, ExFAT, FAT32, APFS, HFS, HFS+
    • Remo PDF Recovery Software is available in both Mac and Windows variants

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