How to Recover PEF Files in 2022?

Updated on August 08, 2022

Large uncompressed PEF files deleted accidentally? Or got lost during data transfer, due to formatting or SD card errors? Whatever is the reason, recover PEF files using Remo File Recovery software. Recover PEF files from SD cards, USB, external hard drives or any storage device. Download Now!

What is a PEF File?

PEF in other words, Pentax Electronic Format is a default file format of Pentax Digital Cameras. With PEF files you can get pictures with zero compression and high quality raw images. These raw images like anyother raw image file format is valuable to photographers who work and further develop the photos to give them an another look. Just like any other file formats, PEF files can get lost or deleted accidentally and can become very costly if not acted quickly to recover these RAW photos. In this article we will discuss on how easily you can recover deleted or lost PEF files easily.

How Does PEF Files are Lost or Deleted?

  • Using unreliable third party antivirus tools
  • Loss of PEF files during transfer of files from camera to PC or other storage device
  • System errors that prompt you to format the memory card containing PEF files
  • Improper handling of Pentax digital camera
  • Emptying Recycle Bin or Mac trash folder (This is in case of PEF files deleted from computer)
  • Using the same Pentax camera in different systems
  • Hitting 'Delete All' tab on Pentax camera
  • Editing/deleting PEF files directly on the camera can cause loss of photos

Can I recover PEF files?

Yes you can recover PEF files easily without any hassle only with the help of a powerful file recovery software like Remo Recover. This is because the lost or deleted PEF files on SD card or hard drive is not permanently erased but still exist on the drive. Hence, a RAW file recovery software can help you recover PEF files quickly. Read the next section to know how to recover PEF files using Remo Recover.

Recover PEF files from memory cards (SD, micro SD, XD, CF etc.), external hard drives, USB, computers using Remo File Recovery software. Provides ability to recover PEF photos in all scenarios like accidental deletion, using 'Delete All' button on camera, loss due to virus attacks, loss due to formatting or other errors! Check out a free trial for a try and buy option!

Simple Steps to recover PEF files using Remo File Recoevery Software

To recover PEF files that are lost or deleted, download and install Remo File Recovery Software on your computer and follow the below mentioned instructions:

    Step 1: Download, install and run Remo Recover software.

    Step 2: Choose the drive from where you wish to recover the PEF files and click on Scan.

    Note: If you are unable to find the drive? Click on the Can’t Find Drive option.

    select the device

    Step 3: Once the scan starts you can click on the Dynamic Recovery View to have a look at the recovered data from the scanned partitions or volumes.

    dynamic recovery view

    Step 4: After completion of the scanning process, the list of all recovered files will be presented to the user.

    recovered files

    Step 5: Click on Filter option to sort the files based on file formats and file types.

    use the filter

    Step 6: You can preview all the recovered files by simply clicking twice on it.

    preview the files

    Step 7: If you are satisfied with the recovery results, select the files and hit the Recover button. Select any location and click on the OK button to start the data saving process.

    select the location

Final Words:

If PEF picture files are deleted or lost under any circumstance, like mentioned earlier Remo Recover can be very handy. Be it accidental deletion of PEF files, PEF files lost during transfer, files lost due to formatting, files lost due to virus attacks and many other scenarios are supported by this tool. Do let us know if you liked the article by sharing the word or writing few words about our product.

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