Retrieve Pictures from My Deleted User Profile?

Most of Windows users often delete unused user accounts just to save disk space. But, if they don’t have backup of those files - documents, photos etc. that are deleted along with the account then they would be in critical condition. Remo Recover tool helps in such instances to restore back photos from deleted user profile in few steps.

Deletion of important files without your knowledge is the common thing that happens while using computer. In some cases you can undo the deletion, where in few situations you can’t. Deleted User Profile is one ambiguous condition, where you can give a try to reverse the process. The outcome would be beneficial or not. But, definitely you can recover your photos from the deleted profile.

Windows asks you whether to “Keep Files” or “Delete Files” when you choose “Deleted Account” option. If you had opted “Keep Files” then check the desktop thoroughly. A folder will be created with the name of deleted user profile. That folder holds entire data present on deleted account. Browse the folder and restore your desired photos.

In case, if you had selected “Delete Files” then also you can restore your photos from deleted user profile. Wondering how? Simply try next methods until you retrieve your photos.

Method 1: Hunt it

  • Go to C:\Users in My Computer
  • Open each subfolder
  • Look for the folder that holds files of deleted profile

Note: If you know file names of your photos then try searching them in search box of each folder.

Method 2: Look into backup

If you have enabled Backup functionality in your system then simply restore photos of deleted user profile using backup.

  • Got to Start and open Control Panel
  • Select “Backup and Restore”
  • Click on Restore my files
  • Find photos of deleted user account via Browse for files
  • Select and restore them on new location

Don’t lose hope even if these two methods fail to help in fetching your photos. You can undoubtedly trust Remo Hard Drive Recovery when all hope is lost. The tool will definitely turn up your deleted images within few mouse clicks. This software has an option –“Select File Type”, using which you can specify file types of deleted images and recover them leaving the rest. Thus, photo recovery can be achieved in a stipulated time frame. You can preview restored pictures prior to save. Not just deleted photo, you can also use the tool to restore pictures after formatting hard drive, emptying Recycle Bin, abrupt system shutdown, power surge, defrag failure etc. So, why delay? Follow these steps and get back your photos from deleted user profile.

Easy Steps to Recover Pictures after Deleting User Profile

  • Get Remo Hard Drive Recovery on your system
  • Launch it and hit Recover Drives key
  • Select host drive of your deleted user profile
  • Double click on Select File Type -> Pictures, mark required formats
  • Pick images that you need, after completion of scanning
  • Preview them and Save on another location

Note: Don’t install the tool on drive (partition), where deleted profile was saved

Points to remember:

  • If you want to recover erased pictures then avoid saving new data in place of deleted one
  • Ensure you have a proper backup before deleting any user account or files
  • Carefully read options showed in pop-up during deletion of data
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