3 ways to Recover lost or deleted Photos from Fujifilm Camera

Updated on 10 August, 2022

Are you wondering how to recover your lost or deleted photos from a Fujifilm camera? Recover your photos from Fujifilm camera, using Remo Photo Recovery software. The tool can effortlessly recover your lost or deleted photos which have bypassed the storage memory. Download now

Fujifilm Camera Photo Recovery

Have you lost or deleted your memorable photos from Fujifilm camera? Losing memorable video and photos are really shattering, but there is nothing to be worried about, the lost photo could be recovered with the help of appropriate data recovery tool, which not only makes retrieving media files feasible, but also restores the images without degrading the quality of recovered images.

Memory card of Fujifilm camera that stores photos might get corrupted and becomes inaccessible. At such times, you need a strong recovery tool like Remo Recover to perform photo recovery from it. Photo deleted from SD cards may not be shown when you search them in Recycle Bin or Trash folder. Hence it is not an easy process to retrieve them back using manual methods.

How Do I Recover Photos from my Fujifilm camera?

In the section below you will learn the ways to restore deleted photos from Fujifilm cameras effortlessly.

Photo Loss Scenarios in Fujifilm Cameras

  • Accidental Deletion – Deleting the photos accidentally from SD card due to false move or wrong keystroke may lead to data loss
  • Unintentional Formatting – You might have formatted the corrupted memory card in a hurry and later realize the mistake
  • Improper Way of Ejecting Memory Card – Some of you might have pulled the memory card while performing operations which may lead to data loss
  • Using Same Memory Cards in Various Devices – Usage of same memory cards in multiple devices may cause corruption which results in missing photos from Camera SD card

Method 1: Recover Deleted photos from Fujifilm Camera using backup

Note - This method is only applicable if you have a backup of Fujifilm Camera data on your computer

  • Connect the Fujifilm Camera storage device to your computer
  • Go to the backup folder, Copy and Paste the backup folder into the Fujifilm camera storage space
  • Click on OK once the procedure is completed
  • Disconnect and Restart the Fujifilm camera

Method 2: Recover photos from Fujifilm Camera using CMD

  • Connect your Fujifilm camera SD Card via card reader to your PC
  • Press Win + R and type cmd, press Command Prompt window opens
  • Type: chkdsk E: / f and press Enter (Replace E with the drive letter of the SD card from which you lost photos)
  • Type: Y and hit Enter
  • Type: E and press Enter again
  • Type: E:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*and press Enter
  • A new folder consisting of all recovered photos is created in your SD card. Copy them and save at a new location.

Note - Cloud storage like Google Drive and DropBox are very popular for having the backup of important media files such as images. The cloud storage system provides enough storage space to create a backup of as many files as you want. If you have stored your Fujifilm photos on your cloud storage system, then you can sync the lost files from your cloud storage either to your phone or computer. The cloud storage is specially made for the data loss situations so that whenever any accidental deletion happens with your device, then you can easily get through syncing data from cloud storage

If you don’t have a backup or if the above-mentioned method has not worked well for you, then you will need a reliable photo recovery tool like Remo Photo Recovery tool to restore your lost or permanently deleted photos from Fujifilm camera.

Method 3: Restore Photos from Fujifilm camera using a photo recovery tool

Remo Photo is an outstanding Photo recovery utility which is designed with the advanced search algorithm that absolutely recovers more than 300 plus file types.

Remo Photo recovery software is the most recommended tool to recover deleted or lost photos of various file formats like JPEG, PNG, PSD, GIF, RAW etc. As an added advantage the tool allows you to add file type and recover deleted photos and files easily.

With its proficiency in performing image recovery across various SD cards, Remo is easily the favourite tool for photographers to recover photos from cameras of various other brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Olympus etc. The tool allows you to create a disk image which can be used as a backup to recover photos later

Remo Photo Recovery Software will help you retrieve your lost photos within a few clicks. It is programmed with an advanced scan engine which thoroughly examines the storage device to locate and recover the lost or deleted pictures from Fujifilm camera.

How to Recover Photos from Fujifilm Camera:

  • Download the Remo Recover and install it on your computer.
  • Connect Fujifilm camera card to the system where software is installed.
  • Launch the software, select the Fujifilm Camera SD card from which you wish to recover photos from and click on Scan option
  • Note - If you are unable to locate your Fujifilm Camera SD card, choose the Can’t find the drive option.
  • The tool will initiate Quick Scan, followed by Deep Scan where the software scans the device sector by sector. You can click on the option of Dynamic Recovery View, where you can view the files which have been recovered while the Deep Scan is running.
  • Note - You can use the Advanced Filter option to sort of the flies wish you to recover as priority
  • After the scanning process, you can select the photos you want to get back by clicking on the Recover button and you can Preview them before saving

Note - Remo Recover can easily recover photos from Sony, Canon EOS, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Panasonic, Kodak, Nikon and many more. The can also perform easy and fast recovery of deleted photos, audios and video files from memory cards (SD, SDHC, CF, MMC, XD and many more)

If you are facing the above mentioned scenarios, then you need not worry about it anymore, since Remo Recover comes in handy to solve all your data recovery problems. It has been designed with advanced data recovery mechanism which makes data recovery a simpler and safer process.

General Precautionary Measures

  • Take regular backup of all the files stored in your camera memory card
  • Avoid using same memory card in multiple devices
  • Do not use camera when battery is low

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