How To Restore PS3 Hard Drive Files?

Updated on March 3, 2022

Have you lost or deleted data from your PS3 hard drive?? You can easily recover deleted/missing photos or any other media files using a professional and reliable tool!! Remo Recover restores pictures from the PS3 hard disk without any hassle. Download the tool for free, and start recovering your images now.

The PlayStation 3 is designed to run with 9.5mm high, 2.5-inch SATA hard drives. Most modern laptops use the exact same models. As SATA is effectively an open standard, you can pair your PS3 with any device that uses the interface.

Being a gaming freak, you got yourself a PlayStation 3. All the games that you download will be saved on the PS3 hard drive. That’s not all, you can also save photos and videos on the PS3 hard drive for easy use on your PlayStation 3. So there is a huge collection of media files like movies, photos, and images that are all stored on the PS3 HDD. These files can be lost once the PS3 hard drive crashes or maybe while transferring files from your ps3 to the computer. There are chances of loss of photos from the PS3 hard drive because of many other reasons. If you are wondering how to recover deleted photos from PS3, continue reading the article and restore them all by yourself in just a few minutes.

What are the Data Loss Scenarios On PS3 Hard Drive

All files stored on your PS3 hard drive are not safe. Sometimes photos may get deleted or lost from the PS3 drive. Here are some scenarios for loss of pictures from PS3 hard disk drive:

  • Using the Delete button or CTRL+X instead of Copy leads to deletion of the photos
  • Accidentally formatting PS3 drive or factory resetting PS3 results in deletion of entire data including photos stored
  • If you have accidentally selected the option “format” when the device is connected to a computer can clean the device and the entire data gets deleted.
  • Abruptly ejecting PS3 hard disk from the system when pictures are in transfer.
  • PS3 Hard Drive is corrupted or crashed
  • Virus or malware attacks

There are other such instances of losing photos from the PS3 hard drive apart from the ones mentioned above. Sometimes your ps3 can not respond or gets corrupt, or an error during resetting or factory reset. You can also lose data from PS3 because of various errors that might pop up because of unsolved issues in PS.

NOTE: Stop using the PS3 hard drive and do not save any new data on it before the recovery. If you do the photos data will be overwritten and the chances of a successful photo recovery will be less.

How Do I Recover Lost Data On My PS3?

To recover lost data on the PS3 hard drive, make use of Remo Recover an effective software. Regardless of the data loss circumstance, there is an easy way to restore your precious pictures from the PS3 drive by making use of this Hard Drive Recovery software. The software scans the entire drive to locate and recover the deleted or lost photos while moving. Download the tool now, and choose the files that you want to recover.

How To Retrieve Lost Photos From PS3 Hard Drive With Remo Recover?

In order to use Remo Recover for your ps3 hard drive recovery, download the Remo Recover software and install it on your system. Once done, follow the given steps:

  • Connect PS3 hard drive to the system and launch the software.
  • Select Recover Photos option
  • Now select the PS3 drive and click Scan button to start the scanning process.
  • recover_photos_ps3_hard_drive2

  • After completion of recovery process, Preview the recovered pictures and click on Save to save the recovered photos.
  • recover_photos_ps3_hard_drive3

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Precautionary Steps To Ensure Data Safety on PS3 Hard Drive:

  • Stop using the same hard drive when it is already full. Do not save any new media files otherwise, the previous data will be overwritten.
  • Always check for viruses with reliable antivirus software and protect your device from any virus or malware attack.
  • Double-check if you are deleting the correct file before deleting any files.
  • Never avoid any type of error message because this can also be the reason for data loss.
  • Before formatting, check your PS3 Hard Drive, if there is any important data.
  • Create regular backups for all your important files or folders.
  • Always eject the device from the computer or from any other system carefully.

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