How to Recover Photos Lost During Data Transfer

Updated on January 10, 2020

  • Scans the memory card or digital camera completely to find and restore lost photos, audio and video files
  • Retrieve photos from hard drives, digital cameras, and flash memory cards such as SD, microSD, XD, SDHC, SDXC, compact flash card, MMC etc.
  • Ability to get back pictures lost during transferring them from Camera to PC / laptop
  • Recover videos from camcorder lost while copying of data

Do you know that a failed data transfer is one of the significant reasons for data loss? What if the data lost is your photos, how are you going to recover your precious photos? Fortunately, there is a way to recover photos lost during transfer. just go through sections of this article to effortlessly recover lost photos all by yourself.

Designed with a self-explanatory graphical user interface Remo Recover makes recovering lost photos easy even for a non-technical user. Integrated with robust scan algorithms Remo Recover is compatible with over 300 file formats, which makes Remo Recover an ideal solution for recovering diverse photo formats.

Warning: If you encounter a situation where the images or photos are lost while transferring stop using the storage drive where the images are previously saved. Because using a storage drive will overwrite the recoverable images and erase them permanently.

Can I Recover Photos Lost during Transfer

Yes, you can recover photos lost during data transfer. When you cut and paste or move files from one folder to another or from the camera to a computer, the files will be stored in temporary storage. After the files or photos are successfully moved, the original in the source folder photos are deleted. If the transfer process is interrupted due to any reason it might lead to loss of photos.

Although the unknown fact is, when the photos or images are deleted they are not permanently erased. Instead, the image address is removed from the storage drive directory and space previously occupied by the photos is made available to overwrite new data. If you act fast you can securely restore the photos deleted on a computer.

However, recovering lost photos can be complex and risky without a trusted Photo Recovery software that can easily access, recognize and recover the lost images intact.

Instructions to Recover Lost Photos During Transfer

The process of recovering photos from a drive can be very complicated. Integrated with deep scan engine Remo Recover can perform sector level scan, searches for file signatures of lost photos and thus securely scans and recovers lost pictures while data transfer. Download now and try it for free.

As discussed, you need a data recovery software that will assist you to recover photos lost while transferring from one device to another. So, download the Remo Recover software and install it on your computer.

Launch the home screen select the Photo Recovery option. The data recovery software will display storage devices and Partitions/ Volumes connected to the computer. Select the storage device and click on Scan. After scanning software will display the recoverable photos in a preview window.

At this stage, you can check the status of your photos, if any of the lost photos are not recovered click on the Deep Scan option to perform sector level scan. After scanning all the photos should be recovered. Select the photos you and click on save. Mention the location where you want to save the recovered lost photos while transferring.

Note: Deep scan might take more time but it ensures to recover photos lost during transfer intact

Why is Remo Recover an Ideal Solution For Recovering Photos Lost while Transferring

Intuitive Graphical User Interface
To make the whole recovery process easy for all the users, Remo Recover comes with an Intuitive graphical user interface the will provide you step by step instructions on how to recover photos lost during moving from camera to laptop.

Add File Type
If you cannot find the photo format you want to recover, with the help of add file type option you can define your file type. This is a really handy feature for recovering unusual file formats such as adobe illustrator or lightroom photos.

Deep Scan Option
Deep scan option on Remo Recover can perform sector level scan and search for data signatures. This option ensures to recover lost images intact even if the storage drive is formatted.

300+ File Formats
Remo Recover can recognize over 300 file types. This means it is easier for you to recover all the original RAW photo formats from various DSLR cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. It can also get back the photos that are lost after system restore.

Here are a few easily avoidable situations that can result in lost photos while Transferring

Damaged Data cable:
When you connect your digital camera or phone to a computer, cross-check the data cable. A busted or damaged data cable will cause abrupt interruptions while transferring photos from the phone or camera on to your laptop or computer.

Unethically ejecting SD card: Never eject an SD card from a camera while it is switched on. Doing so will interrupt any data transferring on to SD card resulting in lost images.

Interrupting Cut and Paste Process:
Some times you might change your mind and cancel the data transfer. It might take a few minutes to cancel the cut and paste process. Interrupting the rollback process will completely erase the photos. So be patient until the rollback process is complete.

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