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I have 360 GB memory hard disk in which I partitioned whole memory into four volumes. Each volume are used to store specific data but one of the volumes has been become raw. Hence, I am unable to access or view data contained in it. Please help me out to overcome from this problem.

Normally RAW partition is a sign that indicate your Mac system hard disk file system has been corrupted or damaged and the OS cannot recognizes whether the partition is in FAT, HFSX, or NTFS format. When this happens in your system, you cannot able to access that partition data such as audio, video, documents, etc. However, you may expect following errors in your Mac system due to RAW partition.

  • The disk in drive XYZ: is not formatted
  • File system displays as "RAW"
  • When you attempt to access files, it will display "Sector not found"
  • The type of the system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for RAW drive

List of reasons that cloud lead to normal partition to RAW file system

  • Abruptly shutdown of PC due to power failure or OS crash when any application is still running 
  • Formation of huge hard disk bad sectors on partition will lead to raw partition
  • Formatting hard disk in a improper way that results in a raw partition
  • When partition information is severely attacked by virus and malware programs will damage partition information and results in inaccessible
  • Frequently changing file system and failed to complete process will results in raw partition

However, when your hard disk partition has been damaged and resulted RAW due to above-mentioned reasons then populates errors discussed in above paragraph. Due to this, you may failed to access data stored on it and finally end in loss of huge data. But you can restore all data safely and securely with the utilization of Remo Recover Mac application at right time. This application is more efficient in recovering data from RAW partition without formatting and do let any file to miss from it. In addition, it performs RAW partition recovery on HFSX and HFS+ file system smoothly.

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Guidelines to recover raw partition data on Mac

Caution: if the whole hard disk partitions are in RAW format then use that hard disk as slave to other system.

  • Download Remo Recover Mac application and install on your Mac system successfully
  • Launch the application, welcome screen displays you choose Recover Volumes/Drives option
  • Next application starts scanning your hard disk and displays all available partitions. You choose the partition from where you wish to recover data and click on Next button
  • Application stats scanning the hard disk and displays all recoverable files once this step finishes go to next step
  • Select file type that you wish to recover. In case you needed file type is not available, then add it manually. You can also skip this step to perform all file types recovery.
  • Finally, you can view all restored files in File Type view and Data View format
  • Purchase licensed version based on satisfactory results to save all restored files to your disk

Additional Info: Click on the link provided to know the best way to regain data from partition having bad sectors in just few minutes with simple steps.

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