Recover Deleted/Lost RTF Document

Updated on May 29, 2020

Retrieving RTF files that are completly missing from the drive is not a tough task any more. With Remo File Recovery tool you can safely recover the lost or deleted RTF files. Download and try the software for free now.

The RTF(Rich Text Format) was intended to help people share documents with users who don’t use Word application. This makes it very useful to share and use the file across other platforms such as macOS. At times you might lose RTF file because:

  • You accidentally deleted an important RTF document while deleting other files
  • Due to interruptions while transfer, your Rich Text Format files are lost
  • Some third-party app deleted RTF files from your desktop

Fortunately, there are ways to recover lost or deleted RTF documents. Follow the information given in the article to know more.

Recover Accidentally Deleted RTF Files

The first thing you have to do when you delete an RTF file is to check the Recycle Bin. Any deleted file from the computer can easily be recovered through Recycle Bin. In order to recover deleted RTF file

  • Open the Recycle Bin and type the name of the file in the Search Box
  • Type the name of the RTF document and select the file
  • Right-click on the file and click on Restore

The above solution will help you recover deleted RTF files, only if it is available in Recycle Bin. If you are unable to recover deleted files from the above method, there can be chances that your RTF document is deleted permanently. Luckily, you can recover lost RTF file with the help of a trusted data recovery software

Retrieve RTF Documents using Remo Recover software –

Files that are missing from the computer can be very tricky to be traced and recovered. However, by utilizing the right file recovery software, the lost RTF document can be recovered effortlessly.

Remo File Recovery Software is the most effective tool that not only to retrieve RTF files but also to recover deleted OneNote files very safely. The powerful deep scan engine of tool thoroughly scans the entire drive sector by sector and recovers the files. The application comes in handy to  gets back RTF documents from hard disk drives, memory cards, external hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, other storage devices.

How to Recover RFT Documents that are Permanently Deleted

Download and install Remo Recover software on your system

  • Once the application is launched, select Recover Files option from the main screen
  • Now select the drive from which RTF files have to be retrieved and hit on Next tab to initiate the scanning
  • After scanning is completed, the recovered files will be sorted according to Data View and File Type View.
  • Select the file and click on Preview option to view the file
  • Finally, click on Save and provide a location to save the recovered files

Things to be Considered before using RTF Document

  • RTF provides you the advantage of saving formatting information such as Bold, Italic, Font size, etc. That is not available on regular (.txt) formats
  • The RTF format is Compatible with many Operating systems such as macOS, Linux etc
  • Since the RTF uses test based encoding, this RTF files consume less file size compared to doc format
  • RTF more trusted as it has very fewer chances to be affected with viruses
  • Although it has very fewer chances of being affected by the virus, these documents cannot be password protected. Hence, your RTF is not reliable to save confidential information

Additional information: Click on the link to learn how to get back deleted or unsaved word documents using Remo Recover tool


Data loss can occur anytime and if you don’t act quickly to restore those deleted files, it might result in permanent data loss. Hence, it is always important and safe to have a regular backup of data. In case you don’t have a backup of data, you can make use of all the above-mentioned methods. However, if the manual method does not help you recover RTF files from Recycle Bin, use Remo File Recovery Software to recover RTF files that are permanently deleted from the drive.

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