Recover Sony ARW Files

Losing ARW image files from the Sony Alpha camera is very heartbreaking. This article provides you with solutions that will help you retrieve ARW files from Sony Alpha's SD card for all common data loss reasons like accidental deletion, formatting, corruption, and RAW SD cards using a data recovery software like Remo Recover.

The process is simpler and effective and it provides a free preview of the recovered image before activation. Try it now!!!

Written by John Harris, Updated on February 02, 2024

A digital camera brand like Sony can make photography a special experience. Sony provides the option of storing images in the ARW file format. If you lose or delete your ARW files, you can always recover them back using an effective recovery tool. Remo is one such tool available in the market.

What is an ARW file?

Sony ARW stands for Sony Alpha Raw, which is the raw image file format utilized by Sony Alpha digital cameras. This format preserves the unprocessed data captured by the camera's image sensor, providing photographers with enhanced flexibility and control during post-processing tasks such as conversion and color grading.

Guide to Recover ARW files from Sony Camera:

Remo Recover can recover photos and from Sony camera. This tool is integrated with a powerful deep scan engine that scans the card sector by sector to recover the ARW files. This digital camera photo recovery software identifies the file on the basis of its extension.

The recovered files can be compressed to save disk space. The tool is compatible on both Windows and macOS.

Download the tool and follow the steps mentioned below to safely recover Sony ARW files

How To Use Remo To Recover ARW Files Of Sony?

Follow the steps below to recover arw files from your Sony camera using Remo Recover:

Step 1: From the main screen, Select the drive from where you lost your ARW files and click Scan to start the photo recovery.

slect the sd card to recover arw files

Step 2: During the scanning process, click on the Dynamic Recovery View option to view the files recovered.

click on the dynamic recovery view button to view the recovered sony arw files

Step 3: Once the scanning is complete, the recovered will be shown in the Deleted Files folder, or If the data required data is not found then you can search is Lost and found Files folder or Lost Partition folder.

the tool will display the list of recovered sony arw files

Step 4: Finally, Preview the recovered files by double-clicking on it and click on Recover button to save the recovered sony ARW files in the desired location.

preview the recovered sony arw files and click on recover button to save them

Attention ⚠: Save the recovered ARW files in a different location than the previous one, to avoid loosing the files again.

Bonus: Key Factors Leading to ARW File Loss

Accidental deletion: While browsing through the camera's menu or deleting unwanted images, you may accidentally delete ARW files from the device.

Data transfer errors: Errors during the transfer of ARW files from the camera to a computer or another device can lead to the loss of ARW files.

Virus and Malware: Infected SD cards or infected files from any other device can also result in the loss of ARW files.

File system errors: Errors with the SD card file system can corrupt or damage the device, leading to the loss of ARW files.

Other issues such as physical damage to the device or camera malfunction errors can also be reasons for ARW files to be deleted or lost.

ALSO: In case of ARW corruption or damage issues, You can fix them using the built using the built-in photo repair tool on your camera or any reliable editing software.


A data loss scenario can never be predicted. When you lose your important photos it may cause you a lot of loss. Hence, keep a backup of all your photos and videos when regularly sot that you can retrieve them when you lose the photos.

However, when you don’t have any other backup, make use of the Remo Recover tool and follow the steps mentioned in the article to recover the photos easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

To recover deleted ARW files:

1. Download and Install Remo Recover

2. Scan your device.

3. Preview the recovered files.

4. Save it in your desired location.

The applications which can open and process ARW files are:

1. Sony Imaging Edge

2. Adobe Photoshop

3. Adobe Lightroom

4. Capture One

You need to install the Sony RAW driver to view ARW files on your computer.

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