Restore deleted or lost .xls, .xlsx spreadsheets

Maintaining data on spreadsheets can be great fun. Store loads of data and yet find the right one out in no time. Prioritize them on the basis of varying color shades and change the colors as and when your priority changes. A click of the mouse is what it takes to transform your data or a portion of your data into pictorial layouts like bars graphs or pie charts. Likewise it takes nothing to calculate the overall percentage or average of the recorded figures. Today, there is a lot more to collecting data on spreadsheets than just having the same data on a sheet. What if you lose access to your spreadsheet, which took you years to build? You may also lose it to system malfunction or accidental deletion. Under such extenuating circumstances you need the help of file recovery software. Remo is a reliable and efficient recovery tool which can help retrieve your xls.

Remo Recover:

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) – Basic Edition is capable of recovering your spreadsheets which are lost from your user interface due to deletion or any data loss condition. Using its excellent scan method, the software locates all the xls files and lists them in order. If there are too many spreadsheets in the list, search from the list by specifying the name of the file, size, created date, in the find option of the software.

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) – Basic Edition can recover any basic files lost / deleted from your hard drive or any storage devices like external drive, pen drive, memory card, etc. which are compatible with your computer. This edition of Remo Recover can recognize minimum of 126 signatures of files in eight categories namely Documents and spreadsheets, Picture, Music and Video, Email, Archives, Database, Animation and Application.

Why Remo?

There are lots of reasons for the usage of Remo, some are:

  • Remo guarantees recovery of lost / deleted xls files
  • Remo is free of virus or malware. Hence it is 100% safe. The application is updated with the latest anti-virus program
  • Remo provides free, round the clock technical assistance to customers.

How to recover spreadsheets using Remo?

The basic edition comes with two tabs, “Recover Lost Files” and “Recover Deleted Files”. Select the appropriate tab based on the loss scenario. If deleted, then select Recover Deleted Files. Else go for Recover Lost Files. To recover deleted files, select the drive from where you have deleted the spreadsheet and scan. The software scans the entire drive and displays all the deleted files. Choose the file you wish to recover and save it where you want. To recover lost files, you get an additional option of searching specific files.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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