Recover USB after Format

I am using a external USB drive for maintaining my weekly reports and project details. I use the USB as a backup storage device. I used it on different operating system for emergency purpose. As a result of it a read / write error with format option is displayed while using the USB in Windows 7 OS. So I formatted it with none choice left. Now I am insane because that formatted USB has my last week official backup files in it. I didn’t use the drive so far. Is there any way to recover USB after format? If so please help me with its procedure…

Answering genuinely to the above mentioned problem Yes! The USB drive can be recovered after formatting. To perform this task successfully we just need optimized recovery software that has the ability to pull out all files from the formatted USB drive. It also must have a high potentiality to support all formatted USB devices such as Pendrive, flash drive, media players, external hard drives etc. If the recovery software possess all the above mentioned stuffs then no doubt that the perfect software for the above mentioned process. Remo Recover is one of the few bolts from the blue that has the potentiality and well deserved mechanism to pull out all kind of file formats from the formatted USB drives. To know more proceed reading further.

Why Remo Recover is credited high?

  • Inbuilt powerful mechanism to recover all file formats (including files with unique extension) from the formatted USB drives
  • Apart from USB, you can also recover data from hard drive after format using Remo Recover Software
  • Provides option to the user for recovering files based on the file types
  • The recovered files from the formatted USB can be saved in any storage devices. The recovered files can be written to a CD or DVD directly using this software
  • Absolutely free from malware and adware threats
  • This all in one recovery software is capable of recovering data from USB and other formatted devices such as Pendrive, flash drives etc.
  • Supported by both Windows and Mac operating systems

How Remo Recover works?

An unknown fact about USB formatting is that the data inside the USB is not destroyed completely after format. Only the index is cleared and a new file system is provided for the new incoming data. An illusion will be created stating that the USB drive is empty and fresh. In-depth the data stored before the format will be inactive in the core. Remo Hard Disk Recovery tool's powerful algorithm will reconstruct the data from the formatted USB drives at the time of recovery process. Moreover the data recovered will be with a greater accuracy rate.

Some weird scenarios that prefer Remo Recover:

  • USB drives formatted because of read / write errors
  • USB drives formatted because of file system conversions
  • USB drives formatted unintentionally
  • USB drives formatted because of locker software encryption errors
  • USB drives formatted by third party software

Step by Step Procedure to Recover USB after Format:

  • Get the Remo recover software by clicking the download link provided here and install it in Windows or Mac OS
  • Make sure that the formatted USB drive is Plugged in to the PC or not
  • Initiate the software and start the recovery process
  • From the main screen click on the button “Recover Drives
  • In the next window that is displayed choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery
  • A list of drives and volumes that is currently connected with the PC will be displayed. In that choose the formatted USB that owes the data using the size of the drive or label
  • On clicking "Next" the software will start looking for data inside the formatted USB device and pulls out all the available data inside for the display
  • Select the needed files from the list of recovered files from the USB drive and save the session
  • Purchase the software and extract the recovered data from the saved sessions

Note: Overwriting, defragging and shredding the USB drive will perish the available data inside which makes data recovery completely impossible

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