Restore Deleted/Lost User Folder on Windows 10

Deleted or lost Windows 10 user folder will be recovered easily!!! Remo File Recovery software gets folder back on Windows 10 in few clicks. It restores document folder, video folder, picture and music folder in matter of minutes.

User folder contains my documents, music, pictures and videos folder which originally located in C drive user folder. You can easily get access to these folders from File Explorer under This PC. No matter how careful you are, some unintended action of yours would make you lose user folders on Windows 10.

For instance, you have relocated user folder from its default location to another drive. Later, when you checked user folder, your files were missing from these folders. Hence, you looked back at the old location, even from there files were missing. Similarly, many of you lost your user folder after Windows 10 anniversary update. Also, in many cases the folder gets deleted as you clicked Delete button on This PC icon.

If you are thinking to get back deleted and lost user folder on Windows 10, then you need Remo File Recovery software. It easily recovers deleted user folders such as document folder, music, video and image folder. The tool recovers files of different types that are deleted or lost from user folder on Windows 10. Moreover, you can make use of this software to regain user folder from Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and other Windows OS version, along with Windows 10.

Windows 10 User Folder Recovery Guide-

First step is to download Remo File Recovery software on the Windows 10 computer from which you want to get back your data. Next step is to install and launch the downloaded software. Once you run the software, select “Recover Files” option from the main screen. After, click on the drive from which files have to be recovered followed by Scan option. Now, it starts scanning your Windows 10 to locate deleted or lost files. After scanning, it provides list of recovered files. Select the files which you want and save it in any location.

Below are Some Important Remo File Recovery Features-

Remo File Recovery software restores files from FAT, NTFS and exFAT partition/ drives. It supports recovery of Office files, compressed files, media files and so on. During the recovery process, if you want to recover particular type of file, then you can use Select File Type option. Even, it allows you to view recovered files before saving them to any location of your choice using Preview option.

With self-explained options, the tool also comes with easy to use graphical user interface, hence anyone can make use of this tool. And more importantly, it can also be used to get back files from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives; SD, CF, XD and other types of memory cards; USB flash drives of various brands.

Where Can You Use Remo File Recovery software-

  • To recover Shift Deleted files from your desktop and laptop
  • For restoring files deleted using command prompt
  • When files are lost due to unexpected shutdown of your computer
  • If files are missing due to interruption occurred while moving
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