Recover Videos from Formatted Hard Drive

Updated on August 03, 2022

Have you formatted your hard drive due to which you have lost all your important videos and other data? Then you have come at the right place which can assist you with one of the best tool which can easily recover all the lost videos and other data.”Remo Recover has an advanced feature of Deep scan, which goes sector to sector in order to recover the lost data back. Deep scan is programmed with analyzing algorithms, which can recover data in the bad sector of the hard drive with ease within a few clicks.

Format is a very useful option which is provided by every operating system, however it can create havoc when it is inappropriately used. At time there are situation where you may unintentionally format the drive due to which there will be huge loss of data. However you need not have to worry about your important videos because by making use of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) application you can effortlessly recover all the lost videos from formatted hard drive.

Many user still don’t believe that the formatted data can be easily recovered, but this not true. Because the data which is formatted intentionally or unintentionally will be still residing on the same drive. Thus when the data is formatted only the pointer which is pointing to the data residing on the drive will get removed, due to this you can still have hope on recovering the data. However the data which is in state of recovery can be recovered by many means but employing unorthodox way to recover data is out of scope for a normal user, thus making use of trusted third party recovery tool is the best way to recover lost videos.

Why you should format the hard drive?

There are various reasons why a hard drive might be formatted, it can be classified into physical and logical causes. Formatting allows the user to format the entire hard drive, enabling the installation of new operating system. When a hard disk is formatted the all information in the disk including videos are removed from the storage device. Most common video loss situations from formatted hard drive are –

  • Virus corruption - Viruses like Trojan alter and corrupt the hard drive leading to severe corruptions.
  • Intentional formatting – Hard drives are formatted due to user’s intent for various reasons like enhancing the computer performance or re-installing the operating system. After the disk being formatted the logical memory in the disk is not completely erased, until the respective space is overwritten.
  • Power Surge – Due to excessive power flow, power surge could happen and cause damage to the hard drive.

These are some of the common options due to which you may format the drive, however as mentioned above that you can easily recover all the formatted videos within minutes. Thus in the below section you can go through some of the extra ordinary features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac).

Note – Command prompt or CHKDSK is an inbuilt repair tool of windows Operating system, a command utility that can run programs based on commands, it has potential to fix minor errors of storage drives thereby helping you recover video files to a certain extent. Although Command Prompt has advanced technical functionalities, it is too sophisticated for a normal user. The recovery capability of this command line utility has limitations. It is risky, in some cases if Command Prompt fails, it may amplify the existing corruption.

How to Recover Videos from Formatted Hard Drive?

All the data and video files from the hard drive is not completely erased until the free space is over written. The only way to recover the videos after format is with the help of a trustworthy data recovery tool.

A data recovery software would make your recovery process simple and easier, with a matter of few clicks all the information could be retrieved. Remo Recover has over million downloads and enormous customer base throughout the globe, and has been trusted by many.

Features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

  • Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is one of the renowned tool which can effectively recover all the formatted videos from your hard drive, moreover it has the ability to recover video which are large in size
  • It is equipped with strong algorithm due to which it has the capability to recover the formatted videos within minutes
  • Trial version of this application allows you to have preview on the recovered video, by this feature a user can decide whether or not to purchase the product depending on the device capability
  • Apart from videos this useful tool has the ability of recovering pictures from RAW partition

Steps to recover videos from formatted hard drive

  • Detach the formatted hard drive from the computer and attach it to another computer via external cable (SATA to USB convertor) or connect it internally and set the drive as a slave device in BIOS setting.
  • Once the drive is detected then download and install the Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) app in the same computer where you have connected the formatted drive.
  • Launch the application, Select the drive which used to contain the videos and click on Scan option.
  • launch the tool to recover the videos from the formatted hard drive

  • During the scanning process, click on the Dynamic Recovery View option to view the recovery the lost videos.
  • click on the dynamic recovery view button to view the recovered videos from the formatted hard drive

  • Once the scanning is complete, the recovered will be shown in the Deleted Files folder, or If the data required data is not found then you can search is Lost and found Files folder or Lost Partition folder.
  • the tool will display the list of recovered videos from the formatted hard drive

  • Finally, Preview the recovered videos from the formatted hard drive by double clicking on it and click on Recover button to save the recovered video in the desired location.
  • preview the recovered videos from the formatted hard drive and click on recover button to save them

Additional info: when the data is emptied from recycle bin then the data is lost permanently, however if you have lost any of your important pictures by this operation then click on this link where you will know how to recover photos from emptied recycle bin.

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