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How to Retrieve Lost Data after Windows 10 Updates

Remo Windows Data Recovery software gets back data lost after Windows 10 updates, in just a short while! It also restores data after repartition, format, reinstallation, and upgrade from Windows 10, Windows 8, and other Windows OS versions with ease!

There were pop up messages prompting you to install Windows 10 updates, so you went ahead with it. However, in between the process, your system shutdown suddenly. When you restarted the system, you were surprised to find that your files were missing. Losing data is not acceptable, and it is even worse when you don’t have a backup copy!

Sure, Windows 10 updates is useful for fixing bugs, improving software, enhancing system performance, and so on. However, any issues during the update process can lead to data loss. And, many users have faced this issue. Sometimes, Windows updates itself causes problems, like system freeze when the updates are being installed. Restart your system to fix the issue, but if the problem persists and you have lost data, then you need a Data recovery software.

Tool to Retrieve Windows 10 Data after Updates – Remo Recover (Windows):

Stop thinking that it’s the end of the world after losing Windows 10 data. Remo Windows Data Recovery software scans the entire Windows 10 drive to recover data lost after Updates. The tool restores all your important files from Windows 10. Even a non-technical user can go about the recovery process with ease because the software has a simple user-friendly interface.

Tutorial for Restoring Data after Windows 10 Updates:

  • To download Remo Hard Drive Recovery software, click on the green Download Now button
  • After downloading the software to your system, install it
  • Launch the application. Select Recover Drives option on the main screen
  • When you are redirected to the next screen, 2 options will be available – Partition Recovery and Formatted / Reformatted Recovery. Choose suitable option depending on the data loss scenario.
  • Select the drive from which files have to be retrieved; hit Next
  • After scanning is finished, select the required partition / drive from the list of displayed drives; click Next
  • Preview recovered files and save them

Important Features of Remo Recover (Windows):

  • Efficient data recovery after Windows upgrade, and reinstallation
  • Restores various file formats such as PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, MOV, AVI, JPEG, GIF, and many others
  • Sorts recovered files based on file name, date, size, and file type
  • Gets back deleted or lost data from hdd, USB drives, iPods, FireWire drives, etc.
  • Save Recovery Session feature which allows you to pause the recovery process and resume it at a later time, thus avoiding drive rescan
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Safe and Secure
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