Restore XD Card Data on Mac OS X

Want to recover data from XD card on Mac? Here's the solution!!

XD card is an ultra-compact removable memory card widely used in digital cameras and MP3 players where huge amount of data can be stored conveniently. But there are some instances where data can get deleted or lost from your XD card. So, the first and very important thing to do when such instances are encountered is, stop using the XD card and don't save any new files on it. This avoids overwriting of your lost data and prevents deletion of files permanently. The next thing to perform is to recover XD card on Mac system by downloading the most beneficial recovery tool called Remo Recover (Mac) that can easily recover your entire data from the XD cards.

Possibilities of losing data from XD card

  • XD Card Format: When you connect your XD card to your Mac system, in some cases error messages stating "Card not formatted, Do you want to format it now?", "Invalid portable device" etc. appear on the screen. These errors confine your access to data stored on the card forcing you to perform card format for further use which results in loss of data.
  • Inadvertent Deletion: While deleting some unwanted files from XD card which is connected to your Mac system, you might unintentionally delete some important ones. But the files deleted from external media are not moved to the trash thus there is no chance to restore them manually, ensuing data loss.
  • XD Card Corruption: If file system of XD card gets corrupt due to format error or improper handling, then data stored on the card becomes unreadable.
  • Malware / Virus Attack: As XD card is used in different devices, it is prone to virus infections. When this happens files stored on the XD card go missing, in worst cases the card itself gets corrupt and the outcome is loss of huge amount of data.
  • Other Causes: Interruptions in the form of power surge or abrupt removal of the XD card when files are transferred to Mac system can bring about loss of vital files stored on the card.
In all these cases Remo Photo Recovery software for Mac will

Description of Remo Recover (Mac)

  • Remo Recover (Mac) is one of the most prominent and efficient software that performs XD card recovery profitably
  • The software scans the entire XD card in few minutes as it is not time consuming
  • It can easily retrieve all audio, video, text and photo file formats along with RAW file formats like formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, DOC, DOCX, AVI, MOV, MPEG, CR2, DNG, MRW, ORF, M4V, JPEG, TIFF and PNG etc.
  • Enables you to perform signature search which helps in retrieving file of a particular file type
  • This tool also has the capability to recover data from HFSX, HFS+, FAT16 and FAT32 Volumes
  • The software can be used to retrieve data from XD card on Mac OS 10.5.x and above versions

Additional ability: You can also perform Kingston flash card recovery proficiently by availing Remo Recover (Mac) software.

Why opt for Remo Recover (Mac)?

Remo Recover (Mac) is equipped with an easy-to-use GUI that can also be used by novice users. It is a read only tool and does not make changes to the data during the recovery process. With its advanced features, the software allows you to find a particular file based on date, creation date, extension, size and file name. You can also preview the recovered data for satisfactory results before restoring them on your system. Recovered data can be stored based on date, name, size and file type. This Mac Image Recovery tool desigend by Remo Software is free from all kinds of threats as it is scanned with trustworthy antivirus program. Files that are regained can be viewed in a Mac finder styled interface.

Guidelines for operating Remo Recover (Mac)

  • Download and install the trail version of Remo Recover (Mac) on your Mac machine
  • Connect XD card to your computer
  • Launch the application and select "Recover Photos" option from the main screen
  • On the next screen select "Recover Lost Photos" or "Recover Deleted Photos" option based on your requirement
  • Then a list of physical and logical drives is shown. Select your XD card from which data has to be recovered
  • The recovery process is started and once it is complete, you can preview the recovered files using "Preview" option
  • Save the recovery session using "Save Recovery Session" option
  • After purchasing the full version, browse the location in order to save reclaimed files

Use these safety measures

  • Do not eject your XD card when a transfer is in progress
  • Check data twice prior deletion
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Safe and Secure
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