Recover lost data from Transcend Jet Flash 350 16GB pen drive

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Your pen drive has made life a lot easier for you. No need to carry things over. Store your notes in your pen drive and carry it around without a care. Imagine having some very important notes in your Transcend Jet Flash 350 16GB Pen Drive. You take great care to keep it in a secure place. You are at peace because you know everything is intact. Back at home, when you try to access your data card through your PC, you get the shock of your life. Instead of showing any files, the computer asks you to format the card. This means the file system of your card has collapsed. Now, what happens to your notes? Do not get blanked out. Nothing has happened to your notes. The files are within the system, and just need to be recovered.

You would be thinking, was there something wrong with your pen drive?  How can it possibly be? It was after all a Transcend Jet Flash 350 16GB Pen Drive. Your Transcend Jet Flash 350 16GB Pen Drive comes with LED status indicator. It is stylish and lightweight. Easy Plug and Play installation. It is compatible with Hi-speed USB 2.0 interface. It has distinguished read / write speeds. It is the most recommended storage device.

You can recover your data lost from your Transcend Jet Flash 350 16GB Pen Drive using Remo Recover (Windows or Mac). It needs few steps to be followed as below:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Recover (Windows or Mac) Basic edition.

Step 2: Run the software

Step 3: Select Recover Files tab

Step 4: Click Recover Lost Files

Step 5: Check your pen drive’s icon and click next. Make sure that your pen drive is connected to the PC properly else, you will not get the icon of it.

Step 6: You can be selective to file types while scanning to reduce scanning time. By default files of all the file types are scanned.   

Step 7: After scan process, the files that are detected are displayed. You can preview your photo files.

Step 8: The recovery session can be saved to save the scanning time if you repeat the process of recovery. 

Step 9: Select the files and click on next to save your recovered files.

Step 10: Choose your path to save the recovered files.

How to avoid loss of data from pen drive?

There may be many reasons for data loss from your pen drive. Do take care, as prevention is better than cure. Your data in your pen drive can be lost due to virus attack. As pen drives are very sensitive, they are prone to unfavorable weather conditions, power surges, etc. Protect it from water, fire, scratches or other physical damages. It might also get damaged due to excessive usage as it gets heated up. All this forms of damage, may cause data loss. Avoid these things and be carefree of losing your data.

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