Regain Data from Partition having Bad Sectors

I am using SATA hard disk in my PC and stored lot of data stuff by forming four different NTFS5 partitions such C, D, E and F. Now, E partition in my PC is inaccessible and whenever I open E drive, it is showing error message about hard disk bad sectors. Can anyone provide a solution to recover data from that drive?

Many users will come across this situation when they are not aware of hard disk bad sectors. In addition, even some users knowing about it but not took any preventive measure to clean them. However, formation of more number of hard disk bad sectors will cause hard disk inaccessible and results in huge data loss. Here are some of preventive solutions to attempt recovery of hard disk bad sectors. First solution is click on “My Computer” and selects a partition, which you wish to repair and right click on it to select properties, and a popup windows appear. There click on Tools tab, under which click on Check Now button and check “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” and click on Start button.

Another solution is open Run command and type chkdsk /r/f partition name and hit enter. This command will attempt for recovery of errors and hard disk bad sectors.  After performing any of these two actions, if your hard disk is free from bad sectors and you gained access to your partition then it is fine. In case not worked then you need to go with third party data recovery tool to restore data stored on that partition.  Remo Recover application is one of the smart partition’s data recovery tool, designed with strong algorithms that makes data recovery process efficient. In addition, it has capability to restore any file types from partition and provided with friendly user interface to navigate application steps easily.

What are bad sectors?

Bad sectors are small clusters on hard disk partition that cannot be accessed. Formation of few bad sectors will not harm or don’t damage hard disk but these bad sectors stayed for long time will multiplies and cause severe damage to hard disk partition and results in loss of data. You may notice formation of hard disk bad sectors by following factors.

  • Computer performance will slow down
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check error message displays
  • Automatic startup of CHKDSK

How do these hard disk bad sectors forms?

  • Improper termination of system
  • Due to over heat
  • Read write head crash
  • Power surge
  • Over clocked PCI bus speed

However, you have lost data from partition, no need to worry. Just employ Remo Recover application that offers a best way to rescue your lost data irrespective of reasons behind it. Apart from bad sectors, this tool has capable to rescue hard disk data even after OS crashes, reinstallation, and booting problem. In addition, this application helps you to perform Windows 7 formatted partition recovery in a simple and faster way.

Steps to recover data using this Remo Recover application

  • Download demo version of Remo Recover data recovery tool and install on your PC successfully
  • Launch the software and follow the onscreen instructions to furnish recovery process successfully
  • Choose "Recover Drives" option and next select "Partition Recovery" option, software scans for partitions of the system
  • Choose the appropriate partition from the list and select file types that you wish to recover or else skips the step
  • Click on "Next" button, software starts scanning lost data from the partition and once scanning complete, save recovery session that helps you to perform recovery process next time from this step and saves you time
  • Finally, you can preview list of recovered files in "File Type View" and "Data View" format and you are satisfied with obtained results then buy full version to save those rescued data to your disk

If you do not know how to recover ReFS partition recovery on Windows machines then click on given link and know detailed information.

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