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Errors while opening certain programs or apps take so long to open / respond, PC freezes or crashes all of a sudden etc. Wondering, what’s wrong with your PC? Well! This issues are due to Windows Registry errors. Thinking, how?

Windows Registry stores settings of the OS, values for installed software and hardware programs, path of DLLs, application paths, font’s reference and much more information. In simple terms everything you do on Windows will create an entry in registry. For each appliction or file, there exists a registry key & value that records all activities done to that program. Once, the program or file is deleted, the corresponding registry entry will also be deleted.

But the problem arises only when these entries continue to exist in your registry, even though their respective file or program no longer exists. And these entries eventually lead to many issues like errors, PC crash, slow PC performance, etc.

Then, How to Get Rid of Windows Registry Issues?

Manually working with Windows registry is very risky. In other words, you must be an expert in handling Windows registry otherwise you end up with having a unbootable or crashed drives. Hence, Remo software has designed PC Optimizer which does this registry cleaning and fixing process simpler. You just have to click on the correct option, the software does it all.

Clean and Fix Registry Issues to Enhance System Performance using Remo Optimizer -

Remo Optimizer scans for unwanted COM & ActiveX Entries, invalid Shared DLL’s, empty Application Paths, invalid File Associations, Invalid Font Entries, Empty Registry Keys, Uninstall Entries, Invalid Sound Files and Junk Files. On completion of scanning process, it removes those unwanted entries from registry and fixes all the issue, thus improves your system performance.

Key Features of Remo Optimizer-

  • Deletes and fixes registry issues with one click
  • Facilitates with automatic backup of Windows registry before fixing
  • Provides One-click Restore option to recover backed up registry file
  • Enables automatic scanning of entire PC through scheduler

Remo Optimizer even allows you to disable startup programs which slow down your PC performance. Moreover, it is incorporated with tools like Privacy Cleaner, Drive Defrag, Internet Optimizer, System Memory, Drive Tools and Disk Checker. These tools helps you to manage, control and optimize your system.

Here is the Detailed Guide on How to Clean Registry

Download Remo Optimizer software on your Windows PC and install it by clicking downloaded .exe file. Once you launch the software, it starts scanning your system automaticall as shown in Figure 1 . Next, follow below mentioned simple steps to clean and fix registry issues.

  1. In the System Scan window, you will be able to see total number of issues and junk files present on your Windows Figure 2
  2. The tool will automatically backup your registry file before fixing the issues
  3. Now, you have to Select the issues that you want to remove from your computer and click on “Continue” to move to the next step Figure 3
  4. From the next interface, click on “Fix Issues” button to start fixing issues as shown in Figure 4

In case, you want to restore your backed up registry file, go to Restore window as shown in Figure 5. In this window, you need to select registry file which you want to restore and click on “Restore” option. Even, you will get Remove option to delete existing or old registry backup file.

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