Remo Privacy Cleaner

  • Free privacy cleaner tool for Windows, Mac & Android™
  • Protects your system privacy
  • Cleans junk data from your system
  • Clears browser history, cookies, cache etc.
  • Wipes free space on your PC & Android™

Clean up browser history, cache, cookies, system temp file with one-click

Remo Privacy Cleaner is the best application for permanently deleting all the traces of your browser activities, program / App activities, system activities etc. Such activities include browser history, download history, cookies, cache, auto-complete forms, passwords, temp files, Run history, recent items, clipboard, Recycle Bin / Trash and many other unwanted yet private and sensitive information. Thus Remo Privacy Cleaner helps you to keep your privacy intact. It supports the latest Windows and Mac OS Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, and earlier versions too.

Remo Privacy Cleaner also helps you to clean free disk space present in your Windows hard disk, so that deleted files and folders can be erased permanently. Moreover the application comes with an easy-to-use interface, making the entire process simpler and effortless.

Software Features

Free Edition

  • "One Click Clean" option to erase junk files, browser activity, cookies, download history, recent items, temp files etc. in just one click.
  • Option to auto start 1-click cleaning when application starts
  • "Clean PC Junk" option to delete junk / temp files, run history, document history, clipboard, recycle bin etc.
  • "Clean Browser Junk" option to delete browser history, cookies, cache, address bar, autocomplete form data, passwords, download history etc.
  • "Clean Free Space" option to permanently erase off deleted files and folders present on free disk space
  • Provides 3 different wiping patterns to clean free disk space with complete security

NOTE: "Free Disk Space" option is not available in the Mac version.

Pro Edition

Remo Privacy Cleaner is also available in Pro Version with more interesting features like:

  • "Scheduler" feature to clean browser history, download history, cookies, program activity, temp files, cache, recent items etc. at a scheduled time. It can be scheduled to daily, weekly or one time basis.
  • "Erase List" feature to erase specific files and folders on schedule when 1 click starts
  • "Clean Program Junk" option to clear activities, temp files and registry entries created by third party programs
  • In "Clean PC Junk" option, you will get 4 more items which can be cleared; i.e. scan disk history, clear network credentials, clear registry and clear clusters.
  • In "Clean Free Space" option, you will get 6 more international wiping patterns for enhanced security
  • In "Clean Browser Junk" option, you can use "Manage cookies" feature to filter desired cookies

Know how to use Remo Privacy Cleaner software on a Windows system

  • Download and launch the software
  • Main screen gives you 5 feature options to choose from
  • "One Click Clean" option:
    • As you choose "One Click Clean", software analyzes your entire system
    • Then cleans / erases all the items found automatically
  • "Clean PC Junk" option:
    • As you select "Clean PC Junk", software lists out all the items to be scanned
    • Select the items and click on "Scan" option
    • After scan, software indicates the number of entries found
    • Click "Clean" to delete all of them
  • "Clean Browser Junk" option:
    • As you click on "Clean Browser Junk", software lists out all the browsers
    • Select the browser and click on "Scan" option
    • After scan, software indicates the number of entries found
    • Click "Clean" to delete all of them
  • "Clean Program Junk" option:
    • As you click on "Clean Program Junk", software lists out all the programs and their entries
    • Click "Clean" to delete all of them
  • "Clean Free Space" option:
    • As you click on �Clean Free Space�, software shows all the drives in your system
    • Select the desired drive and continue
    • Now select the wiping pattern to be used while erasing the free space
    • Software then analyses the data and wipes off the free space on the selected drive / disk

    Visit Remo Privacy Cleaner for Android page to learn more about its advanced features for protecting your smart phone and tab's privacy.

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