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Remo Privacy Cleaner for Android™

  • One-touch cleaning process
  • Securely clean all junk data
  • Erase free space from your Smartphone
  • Boost up phone’s memory and performance
  • Compatible with Android 2.1 & above versions

"I have nothing much to hide, but the mere thought of somebody invading my privacy by looking at my activity history (let’s say my Android phone’s browser history) makes me uncomfortable."

This is a very common fear in almost everyone’s mind. Therefore, a perfect solution for this problem has been developed – Remo Privacy Cleaner. It is an all-in-one app for cleaning Android browser history, application cache data and removing the bookmarks saved by the user. Make use of this app for a faster and smoother experience – like never before.

Actually after using your Android phone for a long time, lot of unwanted data accumulates on it, which could go up to many megabytes. This data includes browser history, cache and unused bookmarks that you might have forgotten. Most of the users don’t care about it or simply don’t know how to remove it, and the unwanted data stays in the phone forever. This results in degradation of the phone’s performance and low memory space. Then the user encounters slow response and freezing of the phone while accessing apps.

Remo Privacy Cleaner is an ultimate tool that offers a complete set of privacy and performance optimization methods. It cleans up the Android phone’s internal as well as external memory and upgrades its speed.

The main highlights of this app includes

Clean Cache – Easily clean browser and application cache (the data that is downloaded while accessing some site or application)

Clean History – Remove all the history of opened / accessed URLs

Clean Bookmarks – Erase all the saved bookmarks, which are of no use now

Clean Free Space – Wipe internal & external free space to make the deleted data irrecoverable

The application offers all these features together in a single app; therefore you need not purchase separate apps for each task. It also works as a secure wiping tool, which makes sure that the already deleted Android data cannot be recovered by using a recovery tool. For this, the app makes use of the default Zero Pass wiping technique. The wiping can also be done using Random Pass and DoD Pass, for higher security.
All these tasks can be completed with just a single tap by using the One-click clean option. The one-click clean process can be scheduled and customized too. By default the Auto clean process runs every 2 days.

Remo Privacy Clean is also available in a Pro version with some advanced features, maintaining the basic ones:

  • Clean Clipboard
  • Clear Call Log
  • Clear SMS
  • Random Pass and DoD Pass (additional erasing patterns)

How does Remo Privacy Cleaner works?

  • As soon as the app is launched, the One Click Clean screen appears containing three options – “Clean All”, “Select & Clean” & “Cancel”. Select “Clear All” to remove all the data. To select and clean the desired data, second option can be utilized.
  • Once the Cancel option is clicked, the main window of the tool appears. This will contain a separate option for each task that can be performed through this app.
  • Upon selecting an option, the tool analyzes the data and deletes it after confirmation. Let’s say you clicked “Clean History” option; the app will display all the websites that you have accessed. The user just has to click on “Clean Browser History” option to remove the data.

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