Remo Repair Registry


Remo Repair Registry

  • Repair and clean Windows registry errors
  • Easily defrag fragmented Windows registry
  • Option to easily backup registry files
  • Boost overall PC performance

Repair and fix Windows Registry errors

Are you tried of constant error messages, constant freeze ups, and slow PC performance? Have you ever thought, what is the reason behind such situations? Such issues are very common and are caused by invalid or damaged registry files.

Let’s see few common reasons for registry errors:

  • Improper or abrupt system shutdown can cause damage to registry
  • Viruses and malwares are also one of the main reasons for registry damage
  • Orphan,  invalid and empty  registry entries which refer to programs or files which no longer exist
  • Fragmented entries which makes registry bulky and vulnerable to corruption

Now the question is how to overcome such registry issues. The answer is Remo Repair Registry, which helps you to repair, clean, defrag and even backup your registry files. The software scans your Windows system to identify registry errors and also analyzes level of fragmentation in your registry.

Therefore, use Remo Repair Registry to help run your PC smoothly; i.e. More Stable and With More Speed!

Advantages of using Remo Repair Registry

  • Increased Speed – Cleans all the unwanted / invalid registry entries to increase PC speed
  • Improved Performance – Compacts registry by defragmenting it, hence boosts PC performance and response time
  • Increased Stability – Fixes all the Windows registry errors and makes it more stable with no application hangs and freeze ups
  • Secure – Gives you an option to backup registry, so that it can be restored back at times of mishap

Have a look on how to use the software?

  • Once you launch the software, the main screen gives you  3 different options; Repair Registry, Defrag Registry and Backup Registry
  • If you select “Repair Registry” option:
    • An window appears where you need to select the scanning option; Quick Scan, Deep Scan and Custom scan
    • As per your selection, the software scans your entire PC
    • Once scanning is done, the software produces a report indicating the number of registry errors present in your PC
    • Click on “Fix Problems” option to clean those Windows registry errors
  • If you select  “Defrag Registry” option:
    • The software will start analyzing your registry
    • Once analyzed, gives you an fragmentation report indicating the size of registry which is fragmented
    • Click “Compact” to defragment your registry
  • If you select “Backup Registry” option:
    • Software provides you an option to backup all your registry files
    • Click on “Backup Registry” to create a new registry backup file
    • Make use of “Restore Registry” option to restore back all your registry files by selecting the backup file

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Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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System Requirements

Operating System - Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.0, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012

RAM – 512 MB

Free disk space - 50 MB (for installation)

You must log in to your Windows PC as Local System Administrator to install and use this software

Supports 32-bit, 64-bit PC