Remo WhatsApp Cleaner

  • Powerful App to delete all sent or received video, audio & image files of WhatsApp
  • Allows user to delete a single file, selected files or all WhatsApp files
  • Offers preview of all Whatsapp media files in a single screen
  • Just 3-step procedure to clean the files
  • Easy way to free up storage space on Android phones
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Remo WhatsApp Cleaner

Remo WhatsApp Cleaner is the finest app to clean the sent or received (inbox) videos, images and audio files of WhatsApp profile that are stored on the phone. Deleting each of the files from the phone manually would be time consuming and a tedious process, but with Remo WhatsApp Cleaner, it’s just a 3 steps procedure. Regularly clearing all unwanted files of WhatsApp even frees up the memory thus increasing the storage space on the phones.


  • Completely clears the WhatsApp video, image and audio files that were sent or received on your phone
  • One can view all sent and received media files under three categories; Images, Video and Audio
  • Allows the user to either delete a single file, selected files or all the files at once (from a particular category)
  • Before deleting the files, user could even preview and confirm images, watch videos and listen to audio files to ensure important files are not selected
  • Successfully cleans the WhatsApp files on all versions of Android OS like Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4.

What is the need for clearing the WhatsApp junk files?

Whatsapp Messenger is a brilliant app that lets users to share not only text messages but also the media files like images, videos and audio clips. However, as more and more files get uploaded or downloaded the phone memory gets occupied with unwanted files. Hence, it is recommended to clear all unwanted WhatsApp files from the phone regularly. This frees up phone memory occupied by unused files, thus increasing the storage space of the phones.

How to use Remo WhatsApp Cleaner?

  • Download and Launch the Remo WhatsApp cleaner on your Android phone
  • Main screen with three options “Image”, “Video” and “Audio” will be displayed; select one as per the need
  • Then, another screen with “Inbox” and “Sent” options will be displayed, among them choose one accordingly
  • The app now displays all the files stored in the selected folder, preview each one of them and choose the unwanted ones and Tap “Delete
  • With this the selected files will be deleted
NOTE: Before deleting any file, make sure the file is not needed else, the file will be lost forever. Check Twice before tapping the “Delete” button.

Why Choose Remo?