Remo WhatsApp Locker

  • Ultra-light app to secure private WhatsApp Chat for free
  • Intensely locks the WhatsApp chat conversation with a password
  • Supports all Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • Offers advanced protection against unauthorized access
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Remo WhatsApp Locker

WhatsApp Messenger is an excellent app that lets the user keep connected with their dear ones with its instant chatting options. Its simple interface and numerous useful features lead to its popularity. One other eye catching feature of Whatsapp is that one can use Whatsapp anywhere and at any time without having to logging in or logging out.

Yes, this is a good feature in one way, but it has its own drawbacks. Since, there is no option for logging out the user will always remain logged in. Hence, anyone else who uses the phone could easily access the WhatsApp profile or even the chat messages. This would cause a serious security issues, in case phone is lost or is handed over to some intruders. This is where Remo WhatsApp Locker plays a vital role to protect the privacy of your WhatsApp conversation.

Features of Remo WhatsApp Locker

Remo WhatsApp Locker is a brilliant app that protects the confidentiality of the user’s WhatsApp profile and secures them from the intruders. The user could easily lock their confidential WhatsApp chat conversation on their phone with a password for free. It restricts the unauthorized persons to access the user’s private WhatsApp records and other details. Remo WhatsApp Locker works efficiently on all Android devices like Smartphones and tablets and supports all Android OS versions like Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4.

What are the steps to use the Remo WhatsApp Locker?

Remo WhatsApp Locker could effortlessly lock or unlock the WhatsApp messenger with just few simple steps, as depicted below:

  • Open Remo WhatsApp Locker app
  • A screen asking to Set password will be displayed (will be asked only for the first time launch of the app)
  • Type the password twice which is strong enough and easier to remember
  • Toggle lock status from ON to OFF or vice-versa in a single tap

Thus, with these steps your WhatsApp messenger could be successfully locked or unlocked. For those who are concerned with their WhatsApp privacy then Remo WhatsApp Locker is their best choice!!

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