Delete Cookies

Cookie is a small and tiny file that a websites put on your computer to get information about your choices. It helps you by letting sites remember your choices and by avoiding you to login every time you visit. Thus it gives a better browsing experience but sometime it can expose your privacy, by tracking the details about sites you visit. Hence, it forces you to delete cookies from your computer.

How does cookies work?

As I mentioned earlier, cookies are small files which contains a little information and stored on your computer, sent by a website. What type of information is stored in, is upto the website and shared with that websites only. Let’s take an example how cookie works- suppose you visit some website, say The process starts from your browser with the request you send by typing in your browser’s bar, Then this request goes to the server which is hosting This server respond with the requested page along with some extra data (say “user=1283” for example, but it could be anything). This extra data is a “Cookie”. Now, browser stores “,” “user=1283” on your computer and then displays the requested page. Next, suppose you want to go on another page of the same site by browsing the provided link “”. Then the browser sends a request for “some_otherpage.html” to the and along with this it sends cookie (“user=1283”). Upon receiving the request server performs some operation on that cookies and responds with requested page.

Why cookies should be deleted from computer?

As cookies help in browsing and helps in loading faster webpage as each time you need not to be login for a site you visit often. Cookies remember login credentials and help you in improving your browsing experience. Although, cookies proves advantageous, but, there are some reasons which is concerned for security and need for removal of cookies arise.

  • Privacy reason: Privacy is one of the top reasons which force you to delete cookies from your system. If you don’t want others to know what sites you visit regularly, then it is more than fair enough to remove cookies from your computer.
  • Security reason: With the help of cookies, hackers can easily track your online activity and by achieving the login credential they can get the precious information and misuse it. This can be a greater tragedy for you in case they managed to find data related to business or personal work.
  • System performance: Apart from privacy and security, there is another aspect which requires deletion of cookies from your system. That is performance of your computer. As we know that each website we visit, it sends some information to the browser and it is stored on our computer. If we continue browsing over a long period of time, then the data that is being stored as cookies increases in size and leads to the slow performance of computer. Hence, it is worth and advisable to remove cookies from your computer at a regular basis.

How to remove cookies?

Well, this is really a good question that how to remove cookies from your computer. There are two ways to remove cookies. You can either remove cookies by manually from browsers setting option or with the help of a utility. In today’s world nobody has enough time to perform cookie deletion manually, everyone wants a reliable tool which can remove cookies in just a few simple steps and less time. Remo MORE is an excellent free tool which can meet the requirement of people with higher level of satisfaction to remove cokies from all your favorite browsers at once.

Steps to remove cookies using Remo MORE software:

  1. Download and install Remo MORE software on your system and launch it. After launching, select "Optimize" option from Main Screen and from the next screen select "Privacy Cleaner" option among the lists of options to remove cookies from your computer as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Then next select “Clean Browser Junk” tab to remove cookies from browser as shown in the Figure 2. Later choose your Broswer, select cookies option and click on Scan to proceed.
  3. Now, click on Clean option to remove all unwanted cookies. Finally you will get the detailed report of deteted cookies from different browser's history generated by Remo MORE tool as shown in Figure 3.

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