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Hard drive is a basic component in any computer and laptop where you can save huge number of files. Similarly, memory card and other storage drives have the same importance when used with media gadgets. If you are using camera, music player or smart phones, you can understand need of memory space in these gadgets. In this case, you have number of duplicate files, it may cause problem for you. Presence of duplicate files on the drive can reduce chances of storing new files. Due to improper management of files, duplicate files may spread over your computer or laptop hard drive. Since, random presence of duplicate files over drive can make your device slow, it is important to remove duplicate files from that device whether it is memory card, hard disk, pen drive or phone memory.


While managing and performing file operations on computer or on other storage devices, many duplicate files with a considerable size may be gathered there. Accumulation of these digital junk levels can be a primary cause for shortage of storage space and decrease in computer performance. Therefore, you need to search and erase duplicate files from computer hard drive as well as from other storage media. But, would it be an easy task for anybody to make search for all duplicate files? What if you do not have any information about such files those have replica also. Will you search duplicate of each file one by one? It seems troublesome and definitely, it is a time taking process.  Therefore, you must take help of an efficient file finder tool to find and remove duplicate files. By utilizing third party software, you can make your job easy and effective. Remo MORE is one such application that provides you an option to search and eliminate duplicate files and folder from any storage drive.

If talk especially about computer users they should know how the access of duplicate files can affect their job. We all are aware of importance of RAM (Random Access Memory) in a computer. When you perform any operation on a file, it comes on RAM memory from where OS reads data from that file. If duplicates of a requested file are present on your computer, all will take place in RAM hence it may cause your system performance slowdown. Due to presence of duplicate files, OS has to give an extra bit of time to search and identify particular file.

When you launch Remo MORE application on your computer, it shows few powerful options to you such as Manage, Optimize, Recover and Enhance. Here, you just have to proceed with Optimize option, where you will get two smart options that are Drive Duplicacy Finder and Folder Duplicacy Finder. Software performs deep scanning of the drive to identify files with same name and signature and presents you a detailed list of duplicate files. With this tool, search duplicate files from hard drive, external HDD, SSD, pen drive, memory cards, and mobile phones etc.

Steps to remove duplicate files:

  1. Install Remo MORE duplicate file finder on your system and launch it. Click on "Optimize" option from main window and then select "Remove Duplicates" from next window as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Now, from next window, choose the "Find Duplicate Folder" to find duplicate files as shown in the Figure 2.
  3. Here, choose "Add Folder" option to select the folder on your PC in which you want to find duplicate files as shown in and then select Proceed option.
  4. Select type of files that you want to search in particular folder or you can simply select "Look for all file types" button otherwise select all types to find all formats of duplicate files. Now, select "Scan" option to start scaning process as shown in Figure 4.
  5. After the scanning operation is completed, software will show a list of duplicates files. Send them to the Recycle Bin or delete permanently as shown in the Figure 5.
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Safe and Secure
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