Erase duplicate contacts from your iPad

iPad is a series of Tablet computer that is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. When the Apple released its first iPad, then all the raves and rants are countered all over the world. iPad is designed using a sophisticated technology that has the power to replace many existing gadgets. Over the time, some amount of memory in iPad may get consumed unnecessarily because of duplicate contacts. You can manage large number of contacts on your iPod. But if the iPad address book is linked with iCloud, Facebook or any other social networking sites, then the chances are more to have duplicate contacts on your iPad. In order to remove duplicate iPad contacts by keeping the original one, you can use Remo MORE software.

If you are regular iPod user having multiple copies of contacts in different places, then find and delete all duplicate copies and keep the original one by using the free Remo MORE software. Using this software, you can find duplicate contacts altogether and delete them without losing original email or contact. The Remo MORE software goes through and sees all duplicate numbers and email addresses from the iPad.

How duplicate contacts occur in Pad?

Many people experiencing the ubiquitous issue of Exchange contacts being duplicated on iPad. In fact, the duplicate copy of contacts occurs in many iOS devices including iPad and iPhone. If you have synced iPad with Facebook or iCloud, then the contacts book in iPad may become full with thousands of contacts. This is because of all contacts from the iCloud will be stored multiple times on your iPad.

To get rid of duplicate contacts, the most effective way is the use of Remo MORE software. As soon as you launch this software, you will get a main screen with an option to remove duplicates. You can see how many duplicate numbers and duplicate email addresses you have. It is really user-friendly interface and has everything that you need to remove duplicate contacts.

One can easily remove all duplicate contacts from iPad without having to go in and delete them one by one. It is an easier way for the average user to remove the contacts that are not placed purposefully in multiple places. This would be a great help to the iPod user looking to delete contacts quickly and easily. The software will allow you to delete contacts that you wish. The Remo MORE software is compatible with all types of iPads such as iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, etc. Apart from iPad, this software can also work effectively to remove duplicates from iPhones.

How to prevent duplicate contacts on iPad?

Many iPad users want to connect with iCloud without creating duplicate contacts on it. Unfortunately, there are times where the contacts may appear 2 or more times on your iPad. In order to avoid creating duplicates in iPad, you need a better set up. The duplicate contact occurs when you sync from more than one place. Therefore, if you have all contacts in iCloud, then sync the address book only from there.

Simple steps to delete duplicates from iPad:

Step 1: Follow the instructions and install the app on your iPad. Now execute the app and select “Optimize” option from the welcome screen as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: On the next window select "Remove Duplicates" option as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Now select any appropriate option among the different options as shown in Figure 3

Step 4: The app scans your iPad provides a list of duplicate contacts as illustrated in Figure 4

Step 5: Now select the duplicate contacts and choose Merge & Delete option to remove the duplicates as shown in Figure 5

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