How to delete duplicate numbers in iPhone?

Similar to any other Smartphone, even iPhone has a very useful attribute named Numbers (Contacts) which helps users keep track of their close ones phone number, email id and many other information. However, sometimes you save multiple copies of the same person phone number on your iPhone device and find it very difficult to search and locate the same. Such numbers are called as duplicate numbers. If you find in situation where you want to remove duplicate numbers in iPhone, then without thinking much download and use "Remo MORE" application.

Is it necessary to clear duplicate numbers in iPhone?

This might be the first question striking your mind! Yes it is very important to remove duplicate numbers in iPhone, because of the fact that, accumulation of unnecessary contacts in iPhone is like wasting storage space and in turn slows down its performance.

You can delete duplicate numbers in iPhone manually by opening up every single contact and checking whether it has any duplicates. However this method is very complex and tiresome, this also takes a lot of time and patience. Therefore, you can make use of an efficient third party app to easily clear duplicate numbers on iPhone device.

Which app to use?

Remo MORE is a wonderful app which can be used in this kind of situation. This advanced application automatically scans and removes all duplicate contacts from your iPhone 5 smartphone. The app uses the latest and most advanced technique to effectively delete duplicate contacts from iPhone 5 with 100% accuracy. The app has a very friendly user interface through which even a novice user can clear duplicate contacts with ease. Further the app is available for free and is compatible to run on all the latest iOS Smart phones and Tablets.

Why to use Remo MORE product?

Remo MORE is an all in one iOS maintenance utility to remove duplicate numbers from your iPhone device. This software easily locates and removes all duplicate numbers from iPhone with 100% accuracy. The tool uses the latest and powerful built in algorithm to find duplicate numbers on both iPhone Smartphone or tablets and clears them in very short amount of time. More to this the tool has a very interactive graphical user interface which helps even a person with less technical skills to remove duplicate numbers in iPhone. In addition, the app is free from any malwares or viruses and works on read only mode which makes users that no damage is made to any of the files in iPhone. You can enjoy amazing features without spending single penny because this app is completely free!!

Other Benefits:

  • Helps in making free space on iPhone’s internal storage media
  • Increases the speed and performance of iPhone Smartphone
  • The app easily solves any problems related to duplicate numbers in iPhone
  • Supports in backing up existing contacts of iPhone in VCF format
  • Is compatible to run on all latest iPhone Smartphone and Tablets
  • 24/7 technical assistance is provided to all its users on all 365 days of the year

Learn how to remove duplicate contacts from iPhone:

Step 1: First download Remo MORE software on your iPhone and install the same. Launch the application and select "Organize" option from the main window as shown in Fig1.

Step 2: From the second window select "Remove Duplicate Contacts" option as shown in Fig2.

Step 3: On third screen you will find five different options "Duplicate Name, "Duplicate Number", "Similar Name", "Duplicate Email Info" and "All Contacts" as shown in Fig3. Choose any of the option on the bases of your requirement. Here I choose "Duplicate Name" option.

Step 4: After this you will get a list of the contacts which have identical names as shown in Fig4.

Step 5: Select the duplicate contacts and click on Next. In next window you will get an option "Merge & Delete" click on it to combine duplicate contacts into a single one as shown in Fig5. Later on through preview windows you check the contact list.

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Safe and Secure
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