Clear files on Android SD card

Are you looking for software to remove files off your Android device? Do you want to remove files from your Android SD card? How to remove files from Android SD card? If you are an Android device user with such questions, then don’t get upset. Many Android cell phone holders store their sensitive and confidential data on their Androids SD card and think the files stored on it are safe, but it is not. The important files present in the SD card are constantly threatened by spying eyes, and even if you format or delete files from SD card it is still not secure. There are many recovery software’s available online, which can recover even formatted or deleted files from SD card, so in order to remove files permanently off your Android external storage device (SD card) you need to make use of a powerful application such as “Remo MORE”. This app helps you out in wiping off all your vital files from your Android SD card beyond recovery.

Now, you must be wondering, why is format or delete operation not secure for removing files from android? The answer is simple, as said before formatting or erasing files doesn’t remove files permanently. And whenever you format your Android SD card only the reference to the corresponding files are removed, whereas the files still remain on your SD card. And, with the help of recovery software, the erased files can be easily recovered back. However, with the help of “Remo MORE” utility you can easily remove files from Android SD card permanently.

Introduction to the software:

Remo MORE is among the most secure file erasing tool, which removes your confidential and critical files from your Android SD card beyond recovery. The utility uses 9 shredding patterns to overwrite each and every sector of your Android SD card, making previously stored files completely irrecoverable. Additionally it provides a rapid file erasing speed to save time and resources. The 9 different erasing patterns used by the software are, “Fast Zero Overwrite”, “Random Overwrite”, “US Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22-M)”, “US Navy, NOVSO P-5239-26-RLL”, “NATO Standard”, “German: VSITR”, “DOD Standard 5220.28.STD”, “Peter Guttmann Secure Deletion” and “DOD 5220.22-M + Guttmann Method”.

Note: It is highly recommended to backup all your important files from your Android SD card before erasing, because after removing files using Remo MORE software. No recovery software will help you to recover those files back.

Key characteristics:

  • Wipes files off Android SD card manufacturers such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Samsung, Sony etc
  • The tool is designed with a very friendly graphical user interface such that it is clear to any Android user
  • Software is very portable, you can easily carry it in your pocket pen drive.
  • Provides its user with 24/7 technical assistance on all 365 days of a year
  • Also helps in making free space on Android SD card
  • The best about this utility is that it is FREE!!!!

Steps to remove files from Android SD card:

  1. Soon after launching this software on your Android phone you will get the main screen from which you just have to select the option of "File Eraser" as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Then you will come across one more screen from which you need to select an erasing method. After choosing a method just hit "OK" as shown in Figure 2.
  3. Once you click on this option, MORE tool will start removing files from Android SD card.

Why Choose Remo?