How to Clean Junk Files from Computer Hard Drive?

Junk files on the hard disk play an important role in reduction of computer performance. To keep your computer faster and maintain its speed, regularly you have to clean all unwanted junk information such as useless files & folders, program traces, shortcuts etc. These files waste hard disk memory space and your system will take more time for start up. Some application may not run smoothly and it will take more time to find any file in your computer hard drive. To eliminate all these problems easily, you should employ a third party application. It removes junk files from hard drive completely.

You can perform this removal operation manually through some easy steps. Most of the junk files are created due to continuous internet surfing. When you visit any site, some information about it is stored in the browser history, Cache, Cookies etc. You can also download some files that are not needed. If you are using different browser, total amount of junk file increases rapidly. Besides that, unnecessary programs installed in the computer can also reduce system speed significantly. Some of applications once served some purpose but after some days they become useless. Huge collection of such application can reduce the performance of your computer besides absorption of precious memory space. To remove junk files from hard drive effortlessly, Remo More application will be very helpful.

Besides that, junk files may also be created in your system when you are using Microsoft Office or any other applications. Some files are automatically created when you open the software. A large amount of Recycle Bin data can also reduce system speed acting as junk file. If you want to remove those files manually, it will not be easy for you. if you use this application, you do not need to find those files manually, you have to just select the appropriate option and delete all files from there. It will be more important when any drive is going to be full. Then, you should delete the junk files and free up some memory space to regain system performance.

How to delete Temp and Junk Files on Windows?

Step 1: Go to – Computer -> C -> %username% -> AppData -> Local -> Temp

Temp Folder Location
Figure 1: Temp Folder Location

Note: The Temp folder location could vary depending on the OS

Step 2: When you open this Temp folder, you will find a huge list of temporary files. Select all files and hit “Delete”. Some of the files will not get deleted as they might be in use. Just ignore them and delete the rest.

Delete Temp Files
Figure 2: Delete Temp Files

Step 3: Then go to Recycle Bin, select all files and delete them off.

Delete Recycle Bin Items
Figure 3: Delete Recycle Bin Items

With this, all your junk files will be removed completely. However, it is a tedious process and someimes would lead to deletion of some useful files. Hence, you can utilize the third party tool called Remo MORE to perform this process.

Remo MORE software consists of plenty of features in junk file cleaning operation. It can remove all types of useless files like document, images, video, applications or any other data from hard disk. Using this utility you can also remove temp files, Recycle Bin files, search history, Run history, file & folder shortcuts, Windows clutter etc. If you install this application on your system, no need to worry about the junk files, it can automatically remove junk files from hard drive if you schedule it. You can also be able to clean registry file clutter, Whatsapp junk etc to improve system speed. To use this well-known application, you do not require any professional knowledge or any technical assistance.

Steps to Remove Junk Files from Hard Drive:

  1. First, download this Remo MORE software and install it on your computer.
  2. After launching this utility, you have to selecet junk files that you want to delete from computer as shown in Image 1.
  3. Next, a scanning process will start and you can see the progress in Image 2.
  4. When deletion operation will be completed successfully, you can see a detail report as shown in Image 3.

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