Remove PC Junk

Initially system hard drive is completely free from junk files, temporary files and other unwanted files which utilizes your hard drive memory and slowdowns your system’s performance too. But as days goes on accumulation of junk files increases when you install new applications in system. In fact when you install any applications on system, list of files are created on hard drive, which are useful until application runs. However, when you uninstall unwanted applications but its associated files do not get deleted and keep remain in system’ hard drive. When these junk files number increases in your hard drive will reduce your system’s performance by accumulating hard drive memory. In fact, system’s performance is also depending upon the amount of free space on hard drive and other factor includes ram memory, OS, processor, etc.

Is your system’s performance gradually slowdown due to accumulation of junk files? Are you running out of memory due to junk files on system? Do not you know how to remove PC junk files? No need to worry; here I am going to explain steps with detailed information. Go through them and apply the same on your system too …

Step1: Click on the Windows "Start" button and choose "All Programs." Next choose "Accessories" group to open it, and then choose on the "System Tools". Lastly, click "Disk Cleanup" to launch the application.

Step2: Choose the hard drive that you wish to clean and then click "OK" to continue. The disk cleanup utility will then scan the chosen PC drive and displays all found files

Step3: Choose the files that you wish to Cleanup and then click "OK" to continue the cleaning process, Disk Cleanup utility will ask for your confirmation. Click on Delete files and the cleanup process will initiate.

Step4: Once removing process completes disk cleanup tool disappears

After following above-mentioned steps in system, one can easily remove junk files formulated on PC but this process does not give cent percent assurance of removing all junk files. However, junk files not only responsible for slow system’s performance also includes temporary files, duplicate files, etc. In this course of time, it is best to use third party application like Remo MORE. This application is available for free that can easily remove all junk files from system hard drive, along with internet temporary files, duplicate files, etc. Moreover, this application more user friendly in nature thus you need to perform few simple clicks on application.

Guidelines to remove PC junk files from system hard drive:

  • Initially download Remo MORE application and install it on your system.
  • Launch the application and Click on Optimize option from main screen and then click on "Privacy Cleaner" option as given inImage 1
  • Next click on “Clean PC Junk" option and choose items that you wish to delete Scan optionImage 1
  • Next, a scanning process will initiate and you can see the progress inImage 2 
  • When deletion operation completes successfully, you can see a detail report as given inImage 3 

Why Choose Remo?