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Are you searching to know how the history of Safari browser is removed in Mac computers? Then you have arrived at the correct place where you will get a satisfactory result which can help you remove the history in a very efficient manner

Most of browsers are by default configured to keep a log or track of the web pages you browse through internet and Safari is one of them. The history can be at times very useful for users to go through recently viewed pages but at the same time it can be misused by intruders or the miscreants. Thus due to this miscellaneous acts it becomes very necessary for any user to remove or delete the history.

Removing entire history in Safari browser

  • Open Safari browser if you have not opened it already
  • Click on “History” button located at the top of options bar
  • From the drop down list click on “Clear History” and then select “Clear” option

Apart from above mentioned option Safari browser will allow you to individually remove the items from the history list, automatic removal of individual items on scheduled time, disable history recording and many more. At times removing history of browser will not be sufficient thus removing other data along with history is advised by many users. Thus data which betray you most of the time is; saved names and passwords, internet cache, cookies, recent tabs, downloads history. Sometimes even after removing the history you will not be able to securely delete the private data hence leaving behind some traces of data. Therefore in order to make sure that the deleted history is removed you have to manually delete the history log file from the user directory (navigate through user directory and delete these two files if present /Library/Safari/History.plist and /Library/Safari/

However for a user who is new to computer world will not feel comfortable in performing all these steps even if the user is assisted with each and every step. Thus in order to reduce the burden of removing history you can make use of Remo MORE which is one of the best tool to remove history within few clicks. This tool is fully automated which can securely remove selected or whole data pertaining to Safari browser. It has the capability to remove history and other logs from different browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer and many others.

Steps to remove Safari history on Mac

  • Download and install Remo MORE on your Mac computer and start the program. From the main screen click on “Optimize” option
  • Now select "Privacy Cleaner" option which is as shown in Figure 1
  • From the next consecutive slide as in Figure 2 click on “Clean Browser Junk” option to remove history from your Safari browser
  • Here you can select the browser from which you wish to remove history, subsequently you can select other options also which is as indicated in Figure 3 and after selection you can click on “Clean” button to remove all the selected items
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Safe and Secure
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