Delete Unwanted Registry Entries

Registry is nothing but collection of information in Windows which keeps important information about your system hardwares, configuration of application programs that are installed and settings. When a particular program runs, Windows continually refers this database. For example- these are some entries in registry file - HKEY_User – keeps all the current user information for each user of the system, HKEY_Local_Machine - settings for hardware, operating system, and installed applications.

Application programs write data into registry file during installation and keep using it as a reference. Thus, this is very critical information. Any changes in it could lead to your computer, in an inoperable state. Thus, it is very important to deal with an extra care while modifying this registry file. I would rather suggest taking a backup before making any changes to it.

Importance of registry files in computer?

Registry in a computer system is like a blueprint, which contains information about drivers and other important components. DDL's are kept in this file which is used by more than one program. Thus, we can say that registry includes very important data which fits together to run an applications.

Why to remove registry entry?

As i earlier said that registry can contain hundreds or thousand entries, and over the period of time entries in this registry keeps created. Since it fills with information, it takes memory space on your system and causes computer’s performance issues. As I told you in the beginning of this article, that entry in the registry is made during the installation of a program, but it never get deleted by Windows even after uninstallation of a particular application. Such type of entries which are pointing to a program which no longer exists is called unwanted entries. This type of unwanted entry can cause great issues related to your computer performance.

How to remove unwanted registry entries?

Fortunately, you can clear all unwanted entries and you do not have to tolerate these errors. However, a Windows OS provides a feature by making use of which you can fix registry and this way your registry can be cleaned up. Cleaning registry is to be done with great care as this file is a very sensitive file on your computer. And, you need to be extremely careful, while making any changes in this file.

Follow the below steps to remove the registry entries manually:

Step 1: Hit the “Start” button on your Windows desktop

Step 2: Select “Run” and type “regedit” and press “OK

Temp Folder Location
Figure 1: Open Registry Editor

Step 3: Now, a registry editor Windows will open and at the right hand side, you can see a list of registry keys.

Temp Folder Location
Figure 2: Registry Editor Window

Step 4: Now, in the list select “HKEY_CURRENT-USER”, “Software” where in you will find many keys

Temp Folder Location
Figure 3: Select Registry Key

Step 5: In case you find any keys of the applications that no longer exist select them, right click on them and press “Delete”

Temp Folder Location
Figure 4: Delete Registry Keys

By doing this all your registry keys Trying to remove unwanted registry entry from your computer manually is almost equal to invite serious errors on your computer which can create problem in booting of your system. Thus, it is advisable to make use of a tool, which can easily find out, unwanted registry entries from your computer and remove it automatically, so that removal of unwanted registry entries do not affect the other programs of computer. Remo Optimizer is a unique tool which has capability to remove all useless and unwanted registry entries from your computer within a very less time span. It uses its highly advanced algorithm to find all unwanted registry. Remo Optimizer does not cost even a single penny and can be downloaded from Internet. It is being used across the globe and has earned much appreciation from various industry experts.

Step to use Remo Optimizer for clearing unwanted registry entries:

  1. Download and install Remo Optimizer software on your system and launch it. After launching, the software will automatically start scanning of your system
  2. Remo Optimizer - Automatic Scanning

  3. After completion of scanning process, it will display number of junk files and issues that are there in register and need to deleted or fixed as shown in the image
  4. Figure 2

  5. Before fixing the issues, it takes backup of registry file automatically
  6. Now, you need to select unwanted registry entries which you want to remove and click on Continue option to clean unwanted registry as shown in the picture
  7. Figure 3

  8. Next, click on "Fix Issues" button to start repairing issues as shown in image
  9. Figure 4

  10. At last you will get the detailed report of deleted items from different
  11. Figure 5

By using Restore option, you can restore backed up registry file. Even, it allows you to remove existing or old registry backup file.

Why Choose Remo?