Fixing AVI Video File Index on Mac

Fix broken, missing and corrupted AVI index on Mac with the help of Repair AVI Repair tool. The tool scans the video file, identifies the issues and then fixes them by creating new playable AVI video, thus making your video playable again. Get NOW!!!

AVI files can become unplayable on Mac even when its index gets corrupted. Index is nothing but a set of rules which is used to modify the playback. It will effect only when you use fast forward, pause, rewind buttons while playing AVI file in any of the media players. Hence, you need to fix such broken or corrupted index of an AVI file on Mac to make it playable again without any issues.

In that way Remo AVI Repair tool comes in your help and fixes corrupt AVI index on Mac and provides an error-free video. This AVI File Fixing tool permanently fixes broken, corrupted or missing index of AVI file and helps to play smoothly the videos on any player on Mac.

Repair Broken AVI Index on Mac with Remo AVI Repair Tool!

To fix AVI index issue on Mac, Remo AVI Repair tool separates video and audio streams of AVI file. And after fixing the issues, it adjoins both audio and video frames to create healthy playable video. You can also use this tool to repair AVI index on Windows OS. Here are some other features:

  • Fixes corrupted and broken DivX and Xvid file formats
  • Repair AVI file stored on SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives
  • provides technical support to crack any kind of issues related to product

Guide on How to Repair AVI Index on Mac:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair AVI software and install it on your Mac system

Step 2: Run the software and select the AVI file that needs to be repaired using Browse option (as shown in Figure 1 )

Step 3: Then click Repair option as shown in Figure 2 to fix the AVI index problem

Step 4: Once the repair process is done, you can preview the fixed AVI video as shown in Figure 3

Step 5: Finally, click Save as shown in Figure 3 to store the repaired AVI file

What else can Remo AVI Repair Tool do?

Remo AVI Repair tool will repair AVI file that freezes while playing and even fixes AVI audio video synchronization problem in matter of minutes. Sometimes, you may able to hear sound but not able to see pictures or vice versa, while playing AVI file, even this can be fixed with the help of this tool. Furthermore, it allows you to fix header corruption problem, codec errors, bad frame, etc. Not just this, you can even use this tool to repair AVI errors like -

  • Cannot play the file, the format is not supported
  • AVI is broken. Seeking will not work correctly
  • Input file is not an .avi file error .
  • Cannot be read Error

Factors Responsible for broken or missing AVI index on Mac:

  • Repeatedly modifying AVI slider while playing an AVI video
  • Recovering lost or deleted AVI video using unreliable tool
  • Abrupt termination of media player in which AVI video is being played
  • Any interruption while moving AVI video
  • Trying to play AVI video in incompatible media player

Safety Measures:

  • Never try to play AVI video with any incompatible media players
  • Use reliable tool to recover lost or deleted AVI video
  • Avoid interruption while transferring AVI file

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Safe and Secure
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