Damaged ZIP File Repair

Quickly repair broken or corrupt ZIP files using Remo Repair ZIP tool!! This tool fixes ZIP or ZIPX files stored on any storage medium and works on all Windows OS. ZIP files with CRC errors or exceeding 4GB size can also be repaired in few clicks.

Every time when files or folders have to be compressed, the first thing that you do is zip it into a single file. The main reason for doing this is to reduce the space and to secure the files while they are being shared on internet. ZIP file contents can be secured by setting a password.

Although ZIP files are safe and reliable, they may get broken or become invalid for various reasons. When this happens, either it is not possible to extract contents of the file or a CRC error message might pop up stating “The archive is corrupt or damaged” or “Unknown compression method”. But do not worry; there is a solution to fix these problems. To repair ZIP file, make use of Remo Repair Zip tool to fix and retrieve the contents in just few minutes.

Some Do's and Don'ts for ZIP files:

  • Backup essential files before zipping them so that it can be restored during any emergencies
  • To extract ZIP file contents, use a trusted utility
  • Do not change file extension of ZIP archive to another unsupported file format

Fix broken ZIP files securely using Remo Repair ZIP:

Remo Repair Zip is an acclaimed tool which fixes broken ZIP files. It’s easy to use interface guides in repairing and recovering damaged ZIP or ZipX files, files of size 4GB or more, with CRC errors, invalid archives, etc. in efficient way. Since it is a read only tool, it only fixes and extracts ZIP file contents without altering the original file. Irrespective of the storage media where Zip file resides, it can be fixed without any issues.

After the repair process, you can view list of data restored from corrupt ZIP file. The repaired file contents can be saved on any destination with the tool being compatible on wide range of Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, and so on.

Now that we know how the software fixes damaged ZIP files, let’s see what the reasons behind broken ZIP file are which can be avoided in future:

  • Sudden system shutdown during download of a ZIP file results in a broken ZIP file. This leads to CRC errors
  • Increased number of bad sectors on storage medium
  • Header corruption

Walk through these steps to repair broken ZIP file using Remo Repair ZIP:

  • Download and install the software on your system
  • Browse and select broken ZIP file using Browse option and then click on Repair button to start repair process
  • The utility starts scanning files and reads internal structure to repair valid ZIP file, and regenerates a compressed archive
  • After repair process is completed, you can view repaired ZIP files using Preview option and save them

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