Repair corrupt Word template

Is your frequently used Word template undergone a damage?

Word templates are the pre-formed Word files. The Microsoft Word application already comes with some pre-installed templates. Suppose you have a format of documents that you use on a regular basis, take for example a format having your address at the upper left corner and a signature at the bottom. You can form a template in a customized format by adding the address and signature and import them every time you require. This avoids writing it repeatedly and reduce your work. What if this Word template itself faces a file corruption?  If the template was provided by your senior authority then you might end up in panic state. How can you fix this issue? Before discussing the remedy for this, let us discuss some few scenarios regarding Word template corruption.

Factors that cause Word template corruption:

Unsecured Network:  Generally in big organizations files are shared through the network. If a Word template is shared on the unsecured network, you have chances of facing a virus infection that can corrupt your Word files. When such files are downloaded to your local computers they prompt an error and refuse to open.

Interruption during data transfer: In order to perform any task you may have to shift your Word files from one system to another. During the process of copying, it’s important to have a constant power supply until the transfer completes. If the power fails in between while transferring your Word template, you have a high risk of facing file corruption.

Round Tripping: Some file extensions can't be accessed using some applications. The file extension as to be changed in order to work on that file. You may opt for any tool that can achieve round tripping. But without sufficient knowledge if you perform this task you may eventually end up in damaging the Word template file.

Facing all such incidents is really frustrating. Don’t worry!!!! Just calm down. Opting for an effective tool like Remo Repair Word can solve the issues in just fractions of time. This software is designed with an efficient algorithm that has the ability to find the root cause of the damage and fix them. This software is also facilitated with the demo version using which the user can experience real time working of the software before they go for the paid version.

Attention-Grabbing Features of Remo Repair Word:

  • This software facilitates the preview of your fixed Word template files even with the demo version of the software
  • Supports all major versions of Microsoft Word application namely 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Enables you to repair doc file along with .docx format
  • Allows you to save the fixed Word templates on any desired location on your system
  • Flexible enough to fix all the hyperlinks, OLE objects, text, images, header and footer of your corrupt word document file
  • Easily executes on all latest Windows versions like Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7 and 8, Windows Vista
  • Simple and easy to use graphical user interface in order to repair damaged files
  • Occupies only minimal memory for download and installation

Steps to repair damaged Word template files:

Step 1: Download and install the software on your local computer system and launch the tool.

Step 2: Browse and select your corrupt Word template from the system using Browse option from the main page and click on “Repair” option.

Step 3: The software initiates the fixing process displaying it on a progress bar of the new screen.

Step 4: After the process completes the software pops up a new screen with a preview option. Click and preview your fixed Word template file.

Step 5: Finally, if you are satisfied with the result go for the paid version and save your file to any location by using the save option.

General tips a user should follow to avoid Word file corruption:

  • Protect your system with a UPS to avoid damage on files due to power fluctuation problems
  • Eliminate the use of unreliable tools to perform compression and round tripping operations on Word template files
  • Use an updated and efficient antivirus program to prevent files from virus attack
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