Recently I have formatted my hard drive and recovered some of my important official files. A ZIP file of few 100 MB is one among them. I am damn sure that the ZIP file worked fine before formatting. I can’t figure it out what happened then. Is there any ZIP file repair software that can easily repair the corrupt ZIP files or extract the contents inside the ZIP file?

According to ZIP file experts these kinds of corrupt ZIP files can be repaired easily using well equipped ZIP repair software. Here well equipped repair software or a ZIP repair software with powerful mechanism is needed because incase if an unknown repair software is deployed to repair this corrupt ZIP files means there are several chances that the unfamiliar tool may corrupt the ZIP file further leaving a complete mess of the file. This is why a power packed ZIP repair mechanism is needed. Software with such facility and expected powerful mechanism is with Remo Repair ZIP. This tool is stuffed with lot of useful facilities and they are listed below.

Why Remo Repair ZIP?

As mentioned earlier some of the corrupt ZIP files require a lot of intensive care while repairing the ZIP files like the one mentioned above. For this kind of weird ZIP files that are corrupted due to various reasons Remo Repair ZIP has a special mechanism designed and developed by group of skilled developers. This ultimate mechanism has the potentiality to repair any complex ZIP files that are corrupted.

Some weird scenarios which requires Remo Repair ZIP:

  • ZIP files with ZIP and ZIPX extension
  • ZIP files that are corrupted due to header file corruption
  • ZIP files that are corrupted by CRC errors
  • ZIP files with errors that are created during compressing
  • ZIP file that are corrupted while splitting a single large ZIP file into pieces

Features that kept Remo Repair ZIP on top:

  • Easy GUI interface that makes even a naïve user get expertise in ZIP file repair
  • Easily repairs ZIP and ZIPX files that are stored in any storage devices
  • Supported by both 32 and 64 bit Windows operating system
  • After successfully repairing the ZIP files the user can preview the repaired ZIP files for acknowledgments
  • Independent of ZIP file size and repairs ZIP file sized in GB’s
  • ZIP files with multiple errors in a single file can be repaired as well
  • ZIP files that are password protected can be repaired too using this tool

Step by step procedure to repair corrupt ZIP files:

To say the truth installing and using Remo Repair ZIP software doesn’t require Master degree or computer geek knowledge. Just a basic knowledge about computers is more than sufficient. If you are a naïve user, don’t worry. Just follow the steps provided here.

  • Download the Remo Repair ZIP software from the download link provided here
  • Install it in any Windows based PC and start the repair process
  • In the main screen the user will be asked to provide their corrupted ZIP file. Provide it by using the "Browse" button
  • Click “Repair” button
  • The application will start the repair process and the repaired contents inside the ZIP file will be displayed
  • If the corrupt ZIP file repair process is successful purchase the full version of the tool and save the repaired ZIP in any location

Additional Info: This application is also comes handy to repair damaged files on all Windows machines quickly. Learn more by clicking on given link.

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Safe and Secure
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