Has your Outlook Version 11 PST file gone corrupt? Learn how to get your emails back

Security and easy accessibility of mails is vital to any organization. Using Outlook can make this very easy for you. You can manage your mails, calendar, notes, journals, contacts, tasks, etc., smoothly and will hardly have anything to worry about. Currently you are using Outlook Version 11 or Outlook 2003, you want to upgrade your Outlook to newer version. By upgrading you get increased memory space for your PST file. While upgrading process is running, unexpectedly the power fails and your PST files get corrupted. You now stand to lose all your client records. This apart, you would lose your schedule for the year along with important notes and even contacts that matter. Would you go back to the clients asking them to send their mails all over again? Doesn’t that sound absurd? You can get back all that you want from your PST file by repairing it. To repair your PST file you need a PST repair tool.

There are many reasons which lead to PST file corruption. If you pay some attention and act with discipline, you can reduce the chances of the files getting corrupted. Few things to avoid are mentioned here:

  • Take care that the size of PST file should not exceed 2GB.Older Outlook version exceeding this size limit can go corrupt.
  • Avoid using PST file over a shared network. This is because many people can access it and the files making it vulnerable to corruption.
  • Use a genuine anti-virus so that the computer is free of viruses. Viruses can corrupt the file headers and make the file inaccessible.
  • Use UPS to avoid power failure while up gradation of the outlook version. Power failure also damages PST file.

Repairing your corrupted PST file with Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software can help you restore your important mails and other data. Download and Install the software in your computer. Locate the PST file and repair it. After it gets repaired, you need to choose where you want to save the repaired file. The good thing is that the software keeps the original file unaffected and stores the repaired file in a different location. This helps you compare the files and if you are not satisfied, you can still repair the original corrupted file. This is how you can get back your emails, contacts and other important feeds from your corrupt PST file.


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