On one fine day morning, when I tried to open my ZIP file which holds all my official documents inside that ZIP throws data error. I tried opening the compressed ZIP file in other software programs too. It failed. Now I need the documents inside that ZIP file at any cost. Mend me an easiest way to repair damaged files?

All my Microsoft Office documents and the PPT files were acting weird after the installation of an add-on program to my Microsoft Office suite. This program is for integrating files, doesn’t do its job good. Instead it corrupted all my Microsoft Office files. Because of this all my Office files icons are changed and the default program of these files is changed to none. I don’t know what to do?

A normal computer uses a wide range of files for personnel as well as official usage. On the whole they are seen as just files that holds some data. In individual each file is unique of its kind and format. Some of the commonly used file formats are.RAR, ZIP, MOV, Doc etc. Since these files are common and insecure, there are high chances of these files being corrupt and damaged.

The reasons and solutions for these mystery situations are

In case 1 the ZIP files crashes on many reasons and occasions. One of the main reasons for its corruption here is CRC error. This Cyclic Redundancy Check is an error detection mechanism for verifying that all the requested data is loaded or not. In case if there is a huge set of data loss the CRC fails resulting in file damage.

In case 2 the add-ons must be studied in detail before installing them to our Windows PC. These add-ons come with a hidden freeware or adware. This freeware or adware are another set of assisting programs which will be given free to the user for review. To say the truth they are forcefully fed to the user in the form of attractive toolbars etc. These things will change the signature pattern of the user files in a way that the user files are opened only by their software and tools.

Any how the damaged files can be repaired with a good software group called Remo Repair. This software consist a group individual tools and that can repair the commonly used files in our daily works. The tools and the file formats that are supported by the software are:

  • Remo Repair Word repairs .doc and .docx files
  • Remo Repair PowerPoint repairs damaged .ppt, .pps and .pptx files
  • Remo Repair Outlook PST repairs.pst and .ost files
  • Remo Repair ZIP repairs .zip and .zipx files
  • Remo Repair RAR repairs corrupted .rar files
  • Remo Repair MOV repairs corrupt .mov and .mp4 video files
  • Remo Repair AVI repairs corrupt .avi, .xvid and .divx video files
  • Remo Repair PSD repairs corrupt PSD and PDD Photoshop image files.

Moreover these tools are a read only utility which don’t harm the corrupted files further. Read only means the software will duplicate the damaged files and then it will experiment the repair process in that replicated content.

Key features of these softwares are

  • Repairs the corrupted files without changing the file properties which includes file id, content, size, header etc.
  • The user can save the repaired file in any drive location including drive over the network and optical drives like CD/DVD.
  • The user files may be corrupted due to several reasons and sometimes the damage may be more severe.  The tool mentioned above is blue printed in a way to handle such situations.
  • Moreover the tools are vulnerable which guarantees avoidance of further damage to the corrupted files.
  • And it can perfectly fit into widely used Windows versions of 32 and 64 bit operating system. 

Quite a few common steps:

  • Download the software from our site
  • Feed the tool with corrupted file
  • Customize the configuration and settings
  • Start the repair process
  • Save the fixed file in your desired location

Note: Please read our privacy policy and FAQ before opting for the repair process. So that you can get a clear picture of what you are up to.

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