Fix Corrupt MP4 File on Mac

How to fix a Damaged MP4 file on Mac machines?

A couple months ago I had been in a very bad situation, a small mistake had damaged MP4 video file, which was very precious to me. I had put the SD card in a card reader and connected to my Mac machine. Actually I was transferring a MP4 video from my Mac machine to the SD card, but in urgency I just pulled off the SD card thinking that the transfer was complete. But then when I tried to play the video on my Mac I was shocked! That video has become unplayable, i.e. it was refusing to play. I then connected the card to check for the video there, but just found the same issue there. Even the copy in the SD card was corrupt due to incomplete file transfer.

I was very much worried as it was my dearest video that I shot in my hometown. It had all my wonderful moments, but with one small event all those were gone. I was frustrated, but one of my friends suggested me to use a MOV repair tool. I just downloaded the trial version of the tool and used it. The results were amazing, I could preview repaired MP4 file. It was perfect and then I purchased the tool and saved my repaired MP4 file. The software that I used to repair damaged MP4 file Mac was Remo Repair MOV. The tool could easily repair your damaged MP4 file with utmost care and with high precision.

Some of the Common Symptoms of Corrupted MP4 File

  • MP4 file might stop responding suddenly
  • MP4 File fails to move to other device
  • Video File does not open or load
  • MP4 file in unable to play

How would Remo Repair MOV fix the corrupt MP4 file?

Remo Repair MOV is an amazing tool that is designed with robust algorithms that works brilliantly to scan and fix the MP4 file on Mac. Actually, the tool first extracts both the audio and video streams separately, analyzes them individually, locates the errors and fixes all the errors carefully. Then both the repaired streams will be adjoined to create a new relevant playable MP4 file. Most importantly, in the entire process the tool will never edit or harm the original file. It just extracts the contents from the corrupt file and renders a new healthy playable MP4 file on your Mac.

Some of the other reasons for the corruption on the MP4 file

  • MP4 files can easily get corrupt or damaged due to virus or malware intrusion
  • Any kind of interruption while transfer of MP4 files from one storage device to another leads to corruption of MP4 files
  • MP4 file header corruption
  • Using unreliable application to convert MP4 files to other file format will also damage the MP4 files
  • File system corruption of the storage device on which MP4 file was saved will also lead to corrupt file
  • Faulty firmware of the camcorder will also lead to MP4 corruption
  • Pulling out the memory card when MP4 recording process is going on or switching off the camera while transferring files

However, you don’t have to worry about your corrupt MP4 files until you have Remo Repair MOV tool, which is the best corrupt file fixer utility. The tool is just result-oriented and is not dependent on the situation behind the MP4 file corruption. Hence, it is capable of repairing your MP4 file in just few mouse clicks and renders a healthy file.

Enhanced Features of Remo Repair MOV

  • Ensures easy repair process to fix damaged MOV, MP4 files, which refuse to play on Apple QuickTime or any other player
  • Capable of repairing the MP4 and Mov files on any available versions of Mac OS X like Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and many others
  • Has a highly intuitive GUI with complete step-by-step instructions to fix the corrupt file
  • Offers 24 / 7 free online technical support
  • Provides a free trial version of the tool to preview the repaired file even before purchasing

Supported digital camera brands: Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Minolta, Sony, Lexar, GoPro, Samsung, Kodak and many more...

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