How to Repair .doc & .docx Files

  • Repair corrupted and damaged Word document files
  • Repair doc files which don't open due to corruption
  • Fix CRC errors in MS Word documents
  • Easy-to-use interface - Complete automated repair process

Corrupted .doc and .docx file repair tool

DOC is a file name extension for documents in Microsoft Word. The doc file format differs according to the Microsoft Word versions. For example the Microsoft Word file versions up to 1997 had a different format as compared to Microsoft Word versions that came after 1997. But up to 2003 the Microsoft Word files have .doc file format and after 2003 all Microsoft Word files have .docx file format.

Other than Microsoft Office Word, other word processors like Google Doc, AbiWord, Apple Pages etc can create and read the doc files but with some limitations. It is one of the most popular file format used for storing professional documents especially by computer users.

Problem arises when the doc files are corrupted due to unforeseen reasons. To come out of such problematic situations and repair DOC file, Remo Repair Word is made available to you.


  • It is the best software to repair and fix corrupt docx files and doc files
  • Restores the texts, fields, OLE objects, clip art, pictures, formatting along with the hyperlinks from corrupt DOC files
  • Safe to use, Read-only application which will not modify the corrupted file, will read damaged file and creates a new usable Word document

When .doc and .docx files get corrupted:

Macro virus attack: DOC files can be corrupted and hence become inaccessible because of Macro virus attack. Macro viruses are the viruses which affect the Microsoft Word document specifically.

Sudden system reboot: If the system restarts suddenly due to any reason while the document file is opened or being transferred from one device to other, then that doc file can get corrupted or damaged.

Storing / accessing from storage devices: DOC files can be corrupted while storing, accessing or saving the file from external storage devices like External USB drives or flash drives. The DOC files can also get corrupted while they are getting transferred from one place to another.

Process: How to repair damaged doc file?

Remo Repair Word is a repair tool, which can repair corrupt DOC, DOCX files. Incase if you are looking to recover deleted DOC, DOCX files then download either Remo Recover (Windows) or Remo Recover (Mac).


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